Gabby Sager
Gabby Sager

Jeffrey Machine manufactures state-of-the-art auger tooling, along with a wide range of other drilling tools. The company is a full-line general machine shop providing tool and die work, fabricated steel products, and many types of hard surface welding.

Jeffrey Machine has been repairing, rebuilding, and manufacturing augers since 1983. Its augers range in size from 6 inches in diameter to 12+ feet in diameter. Drilling tools for utility, foundation, heavy and light construction equipment are manufactured in Birmingham, Alabama, with a second location in Euless, Texas.

MCS had the opportunity to interview Gabby Sager, business manager with Jeffrey Machine. Gabby is an up-and-coming young woman in the construction industry. Her passion for her career speaks well for her company and the role of women in advancing construction initiatives. Below is an excerpt of the Q&A. 

MCS: What is your current job? 

SAGER: In early 2020, I was promoted to business manager. Previously I was the marketing manager. My current job consists of overseeing company operation, social media, and staying involved in day-to-day operations.

MCS: When did you realize you wanted to work in construction? 

SAGER: I always knew I wanted to be a part of the family business, but really decided in high school it’s what I wanted to do as my career.

MCS: Who inspires you? 

SAGER: Jeffrey Sager, my dad. He inspired me and taught me that if you focus your mind on a certain task, you can accomplish anything. He built a multi-million-dollar company from the ground up.

MCS: What has been the most surprising part of being a woman working in construction? 

SAGER: How welcoming everyone is! You would think it would be intimidating going into this line of work as a woman, but everyone is extremely nice and supportive.

MCS: What is your favorite part of your career? 

SAGER: Meeting new people, especially our customers, and I love seeing new products develop from ground up. There’s also always a new challenge every day, so that keeps things interesting.

MCS: What is your most memorable moment so far working in construction? 

SAGER: Any trade show we attend creates some great memories. Meeting new people and catching up with familiar faces is so much fun. I also enjoy seeing new products from others in the industry, and especially seeing our Jeffrey Tooling prominently displayed in one big spot is very cool.

MCS: What is the biggest challenge of being a woman working in construction? 

SAGER: The biggest challenge I have faced so far within the company is gaining respect of the employees, not so much because I’m a woman, but because I am so young. I think there were some doubts about me coming into this company, but I have done everything I can to prove I belong here. So, I guess the biggest challenge of my career so far has been proving I belong.

MCS: What is the biggest change you have seen in the construction industry since you started? 

SAGER: New technology and a new modern way of doing and building things, not only in tooling but in drill rigs and equipment as well. It seems that something new comes out each year. The possibilities are never-ending with drilling tools/rigs—there is always something to innovate for better safety or efficiency.

MCS: What advice would you give a woman starting a job in construction? 

SAGER: Be confident! There aren’t a lot of women in this industry, but if you are one of the few, you stand out. So, if I could tell every woman in this industry one thing it would be to be confident and strong in yourself and your job, because confidence and perseverance are the keys to success in anything you do.

MCS: What would surprise us about you? 

SAGER: The most surprising thing about me is that I have become a leader through my experience of working at Jeffrey Machine. I have never had the opportunity to lead anything until I started to take the first steps of becoming a part of Jeffrey Machine. Also, in my personal life I am building my very first house and am very active in the life of CrossFit. (The CrossFit keeps the stress eating to a minimum!)


Jeffrey Machine has helped me blossom into the woman I am today and everything I have learned here has only made a bigger asset to the company. Twenty is a very young age to be a manager, but I’ve taken it in stride and am becoming the very best me I can be. I know that I will continue to grow through the years and use the life knowledge I gain toward making Jeffrey Machine the best manufacturing company of the future. I am a woman in the construction field and am so proud of it. 

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Modern Contractor Solutions, October 2021
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