Cas TR20

The brand new and recently released CAS® tier 4 TR20 is among the most versatile off-road slingers on the market. Built upon the same platform as our best-selling CAS AT7, the TR20 comes standard with rubber tracks or the recently available metal track option. Equipped with the proven CAS proprietary wireless remote system, Slinger and operator can be up to 900 feet apart.


The TR20 was built for the nastiest off-road environments and the steepest of terrain. With the TR20’s transmission lock, this slinger can lock into position on a hillside as it slings material in difficult hard to reach areas. A tremendous benefit of the TR20 is the low ground pressure the tracks provide. Due to the five “bogeys” supporting the tracks, the weight is evenly distributed, which allows the TR20 to only emit a mere 4-7 pounds of ground pressure per square inch. This “light as a feather” footprint, makes the TR20 ideal for operation on the most sensitive terrain such as on beaches, marshlands, golf courses, wetlands, and/or protected habitats. 

Located in Eugene, Oregon, the TR20 is handcrafted in the USA with the highest quality workmanship and materials available. Powered by a 225 hp CAT® engine, the smooth and responsive HAVVE hydraulic system, combined with the optional 18-inch wide placing conveyor belt (the widest in the industry), makes for a highly productive and effective slinging machine. 

Recent testing demonstrated that the TR20’s 10-yard hopper was able to unload its filled to the brim payload of ¾-inch minus gravel in approximately 1 minute and 45 seconds at full production. This level of production will challenge the most active contractors to keep this Slinger packed full of material. It is for this reason that most contractors are extremely impressed when they first see CAS slingers like the TR20 operating. Hearing comments such as, “Where has this been all my life?” is commonplace at the CAS demo yard.

Company on the move

Since 2004 when Rexius, an 80-year old landscape contractor, material provider, and specialty soil producer purchased CAS, big things have been happening. CAS has grown from the three original Slingers to a total of nine separate pieces of equipment. Three on-road Slinger Trucks, four off-road Slinger machines, and two Reloaders all of which have patented technologies that continues to break the mold of what a slinger can accomplish. Conveyor Application Systems is the only Slinger manufacturer that builds off-road Slingers and its line of on-road Slinger trucks are packed full of features that has led to big changes in the industry as a whole. 

Conveyor Application Systems manufactures all slingers in Eugene, Oregon, and has distributors in Lebanon, Indiana; and Perth, Australia. Every day around the globe, satisfied CAS Slinger owners prove that the versatility of a Slinger is only limited by the imagination of its owner. CAS Slingers can be used in a wide array of applications ranging from heavy construction to fuel tank and pipeline construction, underground utilities, habitat restoration, and everything in between. No matter the application, look to Conveyor Application Systems where there is a Slinger solution waiting for you. 


Each CAS slinger is built with four things in mind: quality, durability, innovation, and performance. These four guiding principles are what CAS calls The Slinger Advantage. CAS slingers are built by quality people who care about putting a product in the field that will perform day in and day out. As the only Slinger manufacturer in the United States, customers can be confident in knowing that Conveyor Application Systems builds slingers to withstand the most strenuous work environments. Each slinger that leaves the CAS facility is built with quality components such as Hardox® steel, CAT engines, HAVVE hydraulic systems, and abrasive/wear resistant belts which were specially chosen to exceed the durability of industry standards. Innovation is what has made CAS successful over the past 15 years. It is in our core; it’s who we are, and it is how we have been able to develop our best-selling off-road fleet. CAS builds ITS slingers to perform with greater capacity, extreme versatility, and to sling material farther than ANY other Slinger in the industry.

For More Information

Are you in the market for a slinger that is built for quality, durability, and performance? Does “Made in America” matter to you? Give Conveyor Application Systems a shout. Visit its website at, or call 888.279.4227 for more information or to schedule a demo.

Modern Contractor Solutions, May 2019
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