MBW, Inc. manufactures one of the construction industry’s most interesting lines of small compaction and concrete equipment. Located in Slinger, Wisconsin, production began more than 50 years ago with its introduction of a lower maintenance vibratory plate compactor. MBW does not simply duplicate designs developed by others. MBW begins each new engineering project with the assumption that significant progress can be made in terms of improved productivity, reduced maintenance, longer life, enhanced user safety, and lower long-term cost of ownership. 

Today the company’s product line encompasses a variety of soil compaction products including vibratory plates, reversible plates, gas and air rammers, skid steer roller attachments, and excavator wheel attachments. The concrete side includes a vibratory wet screed, truss screed, walk-behind power trowels and ride-on power trowels, mortar mixers, and concrete sprayers. When you buy an MBW product, you are not only getting quality-made equipment, you are also buying from a company who will provide lifetime customer service and support. 

 For more information, visit www.mbw.com.