Since 1967, MBW, Inc. has been manufacturing one of the construction industry’s highest quality lines of small compaction and concrete finishing equipment. Located in Slinger, Wisconsin, MBW does not simply duplicate designs developed by others. MBW begins each new engineering project with the assumption that significant progress can be made in terms of improved productivity, reduced maintenance, longer life, enhanced user safety, and lower long-term cost of ownership.


MBW’s Walk Behind Power Trowels feature heavy duty bearings, output shafts, gears, spiders, and blade arms. Comparison of these critical MBW components to those of any competitor answers the question as to why MBW trowels run so well for so long. MBW offers a tool free height adjustable operator handle and an ISO compliant, low profile guard ring. The guard ring allows for easy cleaning and blade changes. Sizes include a 24-inch edging trowel, 36-inch and 46-inch units. On the 36-inch and 46-inch trowels, customers can choose from different engine sizes and handles. The three options are a Standard, Low Vibration, or EZ Pitch handle. MBW also offers a high torque option with a CVT clutch (Continuously Variable Transmission).


MBW’s ScreeDemon is one of the most innovative and ergonomically friendly wet screeds on the market with both a gas and an electric version Powered by a M18™ REDLITHIUM™ battery.

Along with it being the easiest screed to assemble, it is now the easiest to run wet screed on the market. And more importantly, the hand/arm vibration is 50 to 90% less than the competition. A clamping system makes assembly and disassembly fast and easy. A sealed exciter requires no maintenance. To help with attaching boards, the MBW ScreeDemon includes a 9/16 wrench. The battery unit is very quiet and has lights to improve visibility in darker work areas. With zero emissions, it makes it perfect for indoor work. US & International Patents.


The MBW truss screed is made out of die cast aluminum, making it a lightweight screed for industry contractors. It is used on larger applications including, but not limited to, warehouses, roadways, highways, bridges, airport runways, and other residential and commercial slabs. The MBW truss screed has a durable 45-degree A-frame design for easy cleaning. The flex rubber couplers and turnbuckles connect the screed sections quickly and accurately allowing for fast assembly and disassembly, and also provide the ability to crown and invert the screed without a special kit. Time-tested, off-set bearings are used to create vibration for effective concrete ingredient consolidation. Available in 2, 4, and 8 foot sections up to 75 feet. Both mechanical and pneumatic screeds are available. Winch choices on mechanical screeds include either the manual or hydraulic options.


The MK8-75 is the industry’s smallest ride-on trowel. Perfect for large or small jobs, multi-story flooring and as a compliment to large machines that just can’t operate in tight areas. This 460 lb rider transports in the bed of a pickup, passes through a 32-inch doorway, and can be used as an edging trowel. Floats and finishes with equal proficiency. 


When you buy an MBW product, you are not only getting quality made equipment, you are also guaranteed lifetime customer service and support from a company who cares. 

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Modern Contractor Solutions, September 2022
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