Abbi Mobile Refuelers
Western Global, a leading manufacturer of fuel and fluid storage solutions, introduces the Abbi to North America. Originally released in 2001 in Europe, the Abbi is a trailer-mounted fuel storage tank designed for mobile refueling. Available with capacities ranging from 264 to 790 gallons, the Abbi is double-walled and approved globally for the safe storage and transport of fuel. Product features include:

  • Large lockable equipment cabinet to enclose pumping equipment and hose reels
  • Direct access into the inner tank via access manway for cleaning and inspection
  • DOT-approved design with internal baffles for safe transportation
  • Forklift pockets for easy maneuvering

Western Global is also introducing the Abbi Blue, a fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) trailerized solution that provides greater efficiency when refueling equipment. The Abbi Blue is a double-walled tank that features one 395-gallon compartment for fuel and a separate 42-gallon compartment for DEF.
Abbi’s are available for pre-booking with units available in May.
For more information, visit www.western-global.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions – May 2016
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