rebar tying tool

MAX invented the world’s first battery powered rebar tying tool in 1993. The TwinTier RB441T is a 6th generation MAX Re-Bar-Tier. It simultaneously shoots two 19-gauge wires around rebar intersections wrapping once to form a tie equivalent to the strength of a hand-snap tie. Equipped with three new innovative mechanisms, a Dual-Wire Feeding Mechanism, Wire Pull-Back Mechanism, and Wire Bending Mechanism, the TwinTier is the most efficient battery powered rebar tying tool on the market. One coil of the TwinTier TW1061T wire can produce up to 240 ties and its 4.0 Amp Li-ion battery will yield up to 4,000 ties before any need to recharge. The TwinTier’s large jaw allows users to tie #3 x #3 up to #7 x #7 rebar. Like other MAX rebar tying tools, the TwinTier helps reduce musculoskeletal injuries when compared to hand tying.

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