Since 1942, MAX has been recognized, worldwide, as a leading manufacturer of high-end industrial tools and office products. 

MAX aims to provide customer satisfaction through uninhibited creativity based on its strict jobsite-oriented principles. Max has manufactured many items that were the first to market in Japan, including: small handheld staplers, hand tackers, and drafting machines.

 More impressively, MAX has manufactured many products that were the first of their kind in the world such as: the world’s 1st grapevine tying machine (1968), the world’s 1st auto stapler installed in a copy machine (1985), the world’s 1st battery powered rebar tying tool (1993), and the world’s 1st high pressure pneumatic nail guns (1994). 

With its invention of the world’s 1st battery powered rebar tying tool, MAX revolutionized rebar tying all around the world. MAX’s more than 200 R&D engineers continue to improve upon its proprietary technology, which led to the invention of the TwinTier, a dual wire feeding rebar gun. TwinTier technology allows the tools to tie 4,000 ties per charge, while delivering just the right amount of wire for greater productivity and cost savings. These innovative features make TwinTiers the most innovative and efficient rebar tiers in the industry. Today, MAX manufactures a full line of rebar tying tools that can tie between mesh up to #9 x #10 rebar. The ingenuity continues … the latest TwinTier tool, the RB401T-E, is the industry’s most ergonomic solution for backbreaking slab work. Its extended frame allows users to stand upright and tie rebar for concrete slabs.