TwinTier RB441T Delivers Speed and Efficiency

MAX manufactured the world’s first battery-powered rebar tying tool in 1993. This then, new technology, transformed the reinforcing steel industry by increasing worker efficiency, cutting operating costs for companies, and reducing back and musculoskeletal injuries amongst reinforcing ironworkers. Every generation of MAX rebar tying tools bring greater efficiency and productivity to jobsites around the world. 

The TwinTier RB441T is the latest innovation in the history of MAX rebar tying tools. The TwinTier, a 6th generation rebar tying tool, simultaneously shoots two 19 ga. wires around rebar intersections to form a tie equivalent to the strength of a hand snap tie. The TwinTier’s large jaw allows users to tie #3 x #3 up to #7 x #7 rebar. One coil of the TwinTier TW1061T regular steel wire can produce up to 240 ties. MAX also offers poly-coated, electrogalvanized, stainless steel and Buy America Certified wire options for the TwinTier.

Equipped with three new innovative mechanisms, the TwinTier is the most efficient battery-powered rebar tying tool in the world. The TwinTier’s Dual Wire Feeding Mechanism (Pat. Pending) increases productivity. Its Wire Pull-Back Mechanism dispenses the precise amount of wire needed to form a tie, reducing wire consumption. The Wire Bending Mechanism (Pat. Pending) produces a shorter tie height, allowing for a shallower concrete pour. 

MAX rebar tying tools are conservatively 5x faster than hand tying. With an approximate tying speed of ½ a second, the TwinTier decreases the time spent tying, consequently reducing the man hours necessary to complete a job. MAX rebar tiers can be operated with the use of a single hand. This benefit allows reinforcing workers to use their free hand to hold rebar in place, hold several pieces together, or support the weight of their back while bending over to tie flatwork.

Applications for MAX rebar tying tools include, but are not limited to: tying for Precast Plants, PreFab Plants and Yards, Road and Bridge Construction, Foundations, Commercial Buildings, Electrical Conduits, Radiant Heating Tubes, Pools, Razor Wires, and Retention Pools.

MAX employs more than 200 R&D engineers focused on continually innovating new products with highly innovative features to support the ever-evolving needs of professionals in the field.