Based out of Traverse City, Michigan, and serving the entire state, Global Asphalt Solutions, a milling and paving business, relies on an ability to transport machines and attachments from jobsite to jobsite in order to maximize its productivity. 


The standard lowboy they were using in 2020 just wasn’t cutting it anymore, with multiple trips to and from the jobsite every day. The team needed to find a trailer that would hold up to the day-to-day demands of an asphalt company in the Midwest looking to improve productivity. 

Specifically, Global Asphalt Solutions needed a trailer with plenty of space to transport all of their equipment and necessary attachments. Looking at options, Pace Inc., the asphalt company’s dealership in Plymouth, Michigan, introduced them to XL Specialized Trailers.


Global Asphalt Solutions decided on the XL 110 Low-Profile HDG with full-width neck and hydraulic ramps. The full-width neck of the trailer allows for their team to transport additional attachments for machinery to the jobsite. Additionally, the hydraulic ramp allows for additional space on the back deck of the trailer.

Now, instead of only being able to take a dozer or a mill to the jobsite with one trip, owner Bill Korreck and his team can take its larger equipment along with any skid steer loaders and attachments that may be needed. This allows the contractor to increase the time spent at the jobsite, rather than on travel time, and helps to increase overall productivity. 

Korreck expressed the benefit of the trailers they introduced to their business. “We wanted the neck to be able to transport any of our additional attachments,” he explains, the ramps and the extra space on the neck “allows you to haul more than just a standard lowboy.” 


Since 2010, Global Asphalt Solutions has put the highest quality equipment at the forefront of its business model. The now three XL trailers the company possesses are matching expectations perfectly. Korreck and his team utilize these trailers at least twice a week, though some of the trailers they use every day. When asked if he believed the trailers contributed to an increase in productivity Korreck replies, “Oh, hands down.”


The trailers Korreck and his team were using in the past were unable to haul the amount that the XL trailers can. Since adding the first XL trailer to its fleet only 2 years ago, Global Asphalt Solution has continued to look for the solutions that XL can provide to help improve its business. This natural increase in productivity allows Global Asphalt Solutions to grow without being limited by its transportation ability, with no intention of slowing down any 

time soon.  

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Modern Contractor Solutions, March 2022
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