Lite-ShieldTM Sheeting System
GME, producers of the world’s most complete line of trench shielding and trench shoring equipment, presents the Lite-ShieldTM Sheeting System.
The Lite-Shield Sheeting system is a new complementary addition to the GME Lite-Shield product line. With this new system, GME has solved the problem of how to handle multiple existing crossing utility lines without the need for a custom solution every time.
Designed with fleet utilization in mind, the Lite-Shield Sheeting system is engineered to be used on existing Lite-Shield panels.
Accompanying the new Lite-Shield Sheeting system, GME is announcing a new aluminum interlocking sheet pile, designed specifically for use with the Lite-Shield Sheeting system.
For more information on the Lite-ShieldTM Sheeting system or any of the other products GME offers, call 800.248.2054, or visit
Modern Contractor Solutions, March 2014

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