2014 introduces the final Tier 4 emission standards. The solutions from all manufacturers of high horsepower diesel engines (175 to 750 hp) will include the use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. With that comes challenges; notably, the need for a clean and convenient way to get DEF to machinery in off-road applications.
DEF is 32.5 percent urea and 67.5 percent de-ionized water. It is used during a process called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), which reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter found in diesel engine exhaust.
DEF is not dangerous—it’s non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-flammable. If a small amount is spilled, it can simply be wiped up with water. It is, however, corrosive to some metals and plastics, so it should be handled in the same way that a medical professional would handle sterilized equipment.
SCR technology is well established for on-highway applications, but its use is relatively new in off-road industries. This environment poses a unique challenge as DEF is more susceptible to contamination than other fuels and fluids.
DEF can be compromised when it comes into contact with both direct and airborne contaminates. Contaminated DEF poses some risk to your operation:

  • Increases DEF consumption
  • Becomes less effective at removing emissions
  • Can cause the SCR system to shut down
  • Can cause the engine to shut down
  • Can damage the machinery
  • Can void a manufacturer’s warranty

“It’s imperative that DEF is stored and transported in a container that was designed and manufactured in accordance to the ISO 22241 standard,” says Loren Van Wyk, a developer of Thunder Creek’s DEF Delivery Solutions. “If you use a tank and pumping system that is not built to the standard, you introduce contaminates that can damage a SCR system, which in turn shuts down the engine it’s mounted on.”
The standard also recommends that it’s handled in either a closed container or a vented container with filters. In the case of vented containers, the user must empty, clean, and close the system after each use.
Thunder Creek Equipment’s DEF Delivery Solutions are manufactured according to the standard. They are equipped with a patent-pending 2-in-1 DEF pumping system, so the fluid remains in a closed-loop, ensuring there is no atmospheric exchange while transferring DEF between the bulk supply and the SCR system.
This exclusive pumping system allows you to use just one pump to fill both the trailer and the equipment’s DEF tanks. It also eliminates the need to purchase a separate transfer pump, a savings of up to $2,000.
The ISO standard also recommends that precautions be taken to keep DEF from freezing. Though freezing doesn’t harm DEF, it can cause a fully filled, closed container to burst. The Thunder Creek system features a slopped tank design to minimize damage in the event DEF should freeze, and heater options are available for operations where DEF would be exposed to prolonged temperatures below 23 degrees F (10 degrees C).
Thunder Creek Equipment offers three types of DEF Delivery Solutions in various sizes depending on your particular operation’s needs. All are designed and manufactured with strict adherence to the ISO 22241 standard and equipped with the patent-pending 2-in-1 DEF pumping system to ensure that the DEF reaching your off-road equipment is free from contamination.
DEF Delivery Options for Fuel and Service Trailers
Thunder Creek Equipment is a leading manufacturer of fuel and service trailers, so naturally, adding DEF onto these platforms is a popular option. They are available in 40-, 60-, 100- and 330-gallon capacities so you can bring DEF to the jobsite along with diesel fuel, parts, and tools.
Bulk DEF Trailers
For users requiring larger capacities of DEF, Thunder Creek has developed trailers specifically for use with the fluid. They are available in 500- and 990-gallon capacities.
New! DEF Transport Tote
This latest DEF Delivery Solution from Thunder Creek brings the best of Thunder Creek’s DEF Delivery Solutions to the back of a standard truck bed. The tote houses a 50-gallon DEF tank and Thunder Creek’s patent-pending 2-in-1 DEF pumping system under a lockable, weather sealed door. It’s perfect for operations just starting to run their first pieces of machinery with SCR technology. ■
For More Information:
To learn more about Thunder Creek’s DEF Delivery Solutions or other information about properly handling DEF, call 800.653.0684, or visit www.thundercreekequipment.com.
Modern Contractor Solutions, January 2014
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