Darien, WI, November 6, 2019 –Ligchine is proud to announce our customer, Winkler Concrete of Winkler, Manitoba, Canada was chosen as a winner in the “Concrete Works Hard & So Do You Job Site Photo Contest”.

Throughout the month of November, the winning photo will be highlighted on the Canadian Concrete Expo website, https://canadianconcreteexpo.com/concrete-works-hard/

Arthur Krahn, Batch Operator at Winkler Concrete submitted the photo.

During the summer of 2018, Chad Redlinger, Northern Regional Territory Manager from Ligchine had offered to give a demonstration on the ScreedSaver Max 200. Present at the demo was General Manager, Ron Krahn who had started discussions about purchasing a laser-guided screed.

By August 2018, Winkler Concrete had finalized the purchase of the ScreedSaver Max 200 and Redlinger provided training to the Winkler team on how to operate the laser-guided screed machine.

According to Arthur Krahn, the winning picture was taken at a potato storage facility parking lot in Winkler, MB. He says there were several competing bids for the project.

“Our ScreedSaver Max 200 was a very influential reason Winkler Concrete got this job,” Krahn says. “Our laser-guided screed allowed one of our contractors to complete the job at a substantially lower cost due to the labor savings. We completed this job in one-third the time with half the crew that this particular contractor would typically use for a parking lot pour such as this.”

Winkler Concrete provided three services for this parking lot placement: laser-guided screeding, concrete pumping and concrete delivery.

Ligchine will be exhibiting for the third consecutive year at the Canadian Concrete Expo, January 22-23, 2020 in space #2635. We will have staff on hand along with our newest innovation, the SpiderScreedTM.

If you are interested in a demo of a Ligchine laser-guided screed, contact a Ligchine Sales Representative for more information at Sales@ligchine.com or call (812) 903-4500 with any questions.

To learn more about the laser-guided machines offered by Ligchine, please visit our website at https://ligchine.com/.

Photo Credit: Winkler Concrete

###About Ligchine:Ligchine is a global leader in innovative laser-guided and 3D GPS/LPS-guided concrete screeds. Since its founding in 2007, the company has rapidly expanded its position in the market and offers a full line of automated concrete screeding machines that service flatwork companies from small owner-operated companies to large global concrete contractors. The company’s headquarters, engineering and manufacturing are located in the United States, and in addition to a direct sales force in the US, the company has an extensive network of international dealers and partners to serve customers anywhere in the world.