March 25, 2020 — We, along with the rest of the world, have been watching regular updates about the spread of COVID-19 in the US and around the world. Like many of you, we are doing our best to keep our teams and loved ones safe, while remaining productive and passionate about our work. Nothing is more important to us than our Riskcast community, our clients, and their employees who rely on us—especially in these uncertain times.

That said, we realize that we are in an industry that continues in most areas to report to work. For our friends and colleagues that need to keep building: We are here to support you. Last week customers using Riskcast were able to enter their time, track equipment, report production quantities, and generate daily logs remotely through their mobile devices. Office teams, who in some cases found themselves working from home for the first time ever, were able to process payroll, schedule crews, and review job cost and production reports with their project teams.

As the near- and long-term impact of this pandemic on the construction industry remains unclear, we want to offer what help we can. Starting today, Riskcast will be waiving all implementation fees and offering 90-day system access to any new customer with no fee. Companies who do not want to continue using Riskcast after the 90 days will be able to export all payroll reports and other data for their own archiving purposes. Implementation and training are virtual. If using, our system can help in at least a small way during this time; we are here to support you, your project teams and company in their effort to continue to build safely. 

Stay vigilant and healthy, 

Alec Thomson & Reggie Arichabala 

Co-Founders, Riskcast Solutions

To get started with your implementation and 90-day access you will need to register on our website at A member of our Customer Success Team will reach out to you to help configure the system and get started with training for your teams.