Meet the Beacon Infinity Light, compact and durable

by Dina Panos

Remember the days when you needed a floodlight to illuminate a working area and you’d haul a l00-foot corded halogen light and hang it from the rafters? Or if more light was needed right at the point of connection, you’d hold the light, trying to not create shadows on the task at hand? It was awkward, time-consuming to drag the lights from one place to another, and made for slow progress for job completion. 

Now, imagine a floodlight with all the light output you’ve come to expect from bulky, large area lights, but in a compact unit that can replace all your existing construction lights. Now add durability for rough conditions and completed with a sleek, futuristic design. The Beacon Infinity Light, from innovation award-winning company, Lind Equipment, meets all these expectations and more. 


Transporting tools from the garage to the car and back to the garage again is a pain. You can forget important tools, lose track of what is yours or where it is. With the Beacon Infinity Light, all the light output you will ever need comes in a compact, easy to use light. Lind Equipment’s ultra-efficiency LED lights produce 5400 lumens of light output, and only uses 40 watts of power. Rated for more than 50,000 hours of 24/7 use, the light will always be cool to the touch with innovative heat exchange technology that dissipates heat away from the LED lens. Lind Equipment built the Beacon Infinity Light to weigh a mere 2.25 pounds for easy portability. At 14-inches long and 4.5-inches wide, the light can be easily stored in a any tool bag and it still leaves lots of room available. 


Bright, white light is needed in all nooks and crannies of the work area, and usually more than one light is needed to illuminate the space once—but not anymore. The Beacon Infinity Light can replace all your flashlights, task lights, wide area lights, and much more. With it’s sleek and futuristic design, the Beacon Infinity Light is transforming the very idea of a floodlight. The Infinity Light has a solid base, but the light housing unit has the capability to swivel in 360 degrees. Never move the base or the unit again—just angle the light unit in any direction. Infinite application options are available with the Infinity Light. Use it as a handheld task light or mount on the included tripod, floor stand, and  magnet. Dual-head tripod options are also available for double the light output. Whatever your light requirements, the Infinity Light will meet them and outperform all your expectations. 


Many work lights are built with housing and components that cannot last through tough weather conditions, so they break quickly and easily. The Beacon Infinity Light’s outer construction, built with cast aluminium housing and a polycarbonate lens, exceeds military grade drop test requirements. The LEDs and Lind Equipment’s smart Direct Drive are cutting edge design that will last longer than other lights. The Beacon Infinity Light is robust enough that even weather cannot damage this light. With an IP65 weatherproof rating, it’s protected from rain, snow, and heat. Keeping it outdoors or indoors will have no effect on light output or its longevity. 

Lind Equipment Infinite mounting options


Most floodlights are bulky and outdated in design with a plain, glass, pointy rectangle shape. It’s a light of an older generation. Constructed with curves instead of edges for easier handling, the Beacon Infinity Light was created with the worker in mind, so you can have the best product with the sleekest design in the yard. 


Having a reliable, powerful light makes all the difference on a jobsite. Creating an easy to use, durable and portable light that can withstand years of tough treatment is what Lind Equipment specializes in. The Beacon Infinity Light’s compact, futuristic design delivers on all that, and still does not compromise on the LED light output. Brighter and more powerful than ever, the Beacon Infinity Light is transforming the expectation of portable floodlights

About the author

Dina Panos is the North American marketing specialist at Lind Equipment, a company that has manufactured and supplied portable lighting and electrical equipment for the toughest jobsites for more than 70 years. For more information, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, June 2019
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