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Providing workers with the equipment to cultivate a safe and productive worksite is our number one priority. Leading Edge Safety has developed a complete line of innovative, easy to use, and reliable mobile fall protection products. We invest to offer you protective solutions, with more than just safety in mind. Leading Edge Safety strives for continuous product improvement and outstanding service to keep your future safe. Every member of our staff understands that lives are safer because of our revolutionary equipment. That is why each piece is hand built in America, by men and women who care about your business, and the life of the workers who use our equipment.

Fall Protection? Permanent, Temporary, or Mobile—Leading Edge Safety has a solution for your fall protection requirements that exceeds current codes and regulations. Leading Edge Safety has the knowledge, expertise, and inventory to help you choose the correct product for your specific needs. If your requirements do not fit a standard product, our design team will develop and engineer a specific product per your specifications with the required codes and regulations.

USM-IBC Standard Guardrail
The USM-IBC Guardrail system provides permanent full-perimeter fall protection with a unique design that allows 100-percent water-tight installation under standard roofing and sheet metal details, including coping caps, drip edges, gravel stops, and even inside most commercial gutters without penetrating the roof membrane. Our “Zero Penetration” attachment under standard perimeter

edge details allows full access to the entire roof surface, wall flashings, and sheet metal. The USM-IBC Guardrail system can be installed prior to roof construction and even left in place during complete roof replacement.

RB-02|RB-04 Contractor Base System
The Contractor Base system is quick to install and adjust. Designed to be cost-effective and economical, the rail system includes adjustable length rails and corners. Settings on each base adjust the rail height. This system is ideal for bridge and construction work and can be used over and over.

The Standing Seam Guardrail system provides permanent full-perimeter fall protection with a unique design that allows 100-percent water-tight installation with standard roofing and sheet metal details. The Standing Seam Guardrail System attaches to the structural metal panels with pre-engineered S-5 clamps ensuring solid and maintenance free installation without penetrating the roof panels. Standing Seam Guardrail meets and exceeds OSHA Standards and International Building Codes.

*Guardrails for hatches, ladders, and skylights are also offered.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, March 2018
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