ICON Model 6510 Construction Disc

Building on the tandem disc harrow technology from its parent company, Landoll Corporation, ICON has introduced a new Model 6510 Construction Disc, designed to handle the rigorous demands of construction sites and land clearing. The first of its kind from ICON, the 6510 boasts one of the highest weight-per-blade specifications in the industry—719 lbs per blade—to easily cut through compacted soils and heavy vegetation mats.


“Despite incorporating some of the best features from Landoll disc harrows, like the hydraulic leveling system and maintenance-free rockshaft pivot bushings, we designed the ICON 6510 to be uniquely suited to the construction industry,” explains Gary Douglas, product support manager for ICON Industries. “That meant incorporating maximum strength throughout and designing it for the type of reliability that helps reduce maintenance and downtime on busy worksites.”

ICON engineers started with a ridged 8-inch x 8-inch x ¼-inch and 8-inch x 6-inch x ½-inch box-beam frame that offers enough under-frame clearance to prevent trash build-up or clogging. Thanks, in part, to its 11,500-lb weight and large 32-inch by 10-mm notched disc blades, the 6510 provides up to 15 inches maximum penetration depth to cut, level and mix the soil across the full 10 ft, 9-inch working width. Featuring 17½-inch blade spacing on both gangs, front blades are set on a 20-degree angle, while the rear gang features an 18-degree blade angle for a level finish.


“Everything about the ICON 6510 Disc is heavy duty,” Douglas adds. “That includes the 2¾-inch gang bolts, extra-thick scraper blades, triple-sealed bearings, and 4,000 psi hydraulic hoses. Even the lift and transport system uses 4½-inch x 8-inch and 4½-inch x 12-inch welded hydraulic cylinders and 32/1550 x 16.5 SL tires with 8-bolt wheels.”

For maximum maneuverability and control, the 6510 also features a 360-degree swivel pintle hitch and a draft system that can be hydraulically adjusted on the go. 


It’s ready to handle any construction application or woods site preparation.