Expecting another year of compact equipment market growth

Words from Tim Boulds

As Kubota looks forward to 2020, another year of market growth in the compact equipment industry is anticipated, as well as a few more requests to make equipment even more user-friendly and comfortable. As construction equipment continues to evolve in performance, so do the amenities of operator comfort and ease of operation. 

Having the ability to adjust auxiliary hydraulic flows from the seat is a great advantage when matching attachments to the operation being performed. Lower hydraulic flows are needed for more precision work with thumbs and grapples, while higher flows are needed when operating mowers and concrete breakers. Another popular trend is to have all controls at the operator’s fingertips. Electrical interface with attachments allows one to have more controls from the joysticks right at your fingertips. 

Customers are asking for machines with more “automotive” feel. Quieter cabs with less dust ingression along with entertainment options seem to be the trend as of late. Operators are more productive and have less fatigue with the newer models of compact construction equipment because of the economically efficient cabs. 

The future is exciting in terms of technology advancement. Grade control systems are one example, this type of system takes the guesswork out—and puts profits to the bottom line. Less passes to grade a worksite or slab with the help of grade control saves both time and money. 

About the author:

Tim Boulds is the construction product operations manager for Kubota Tractor Corporation. For more, visit www.kubotausa.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions, January 2020
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