In many ways, compact tractors and utility vehicles operate as supersized pocket knives—do-it-all machines with an ever-growing list of potential uses. For today’s contractor, both types of equipment serve an invaluable purpose on the jobsite, empowering operators to complete tasks more efficiently and effectively than ever before. With their unmatched versatility, utility vehicles and compact tractors are must-have elements of a modern contactor’s machinery fleet. 

Here at KIOTI Tractor, providing top-value compact tractors across North America has been our bread and butter since KIOTI first entered the United States more than 35 years ago. Today, KIOTI supplies nine lines of tractors in the 22 to 110 horsepower range, with new and upgraded models constantly in development. 

Given KIOTI’s commitment to developing products that are durable, reliable and easy to use, it’s no surprise that we expanded our offerings by branching into the utility vehicle market more than a decade ago. Today, our popular K9 Series of UTVs offers single row, double row and factory-installed cab models and is continuing to evolve and grow.

With so many ways to put compact tractors and utility vehicles to work on a jobsite, getting started can be overwhelming. But once you have a better understanding of the machines’ uses, the possibilities are endless.

Here are three ways to get the most out of compact tractors and utility vehicles on a commercial construction jobsite.


Whether you’re grabbing logs or hauling gravel, it’s hard to find equipment that can move heavy materials across a jobsite. That’s where having a compact tractor or utility vehicle can come in handy. UTVs, including those in KIOTI’s K9 Series, can power through a variety of terrains, all while carrying a heavy load. Features such as improved suspension systems will get you around your jobsite without sacrificing comfort. Plus, utility vehicle beds allow for simple and convenient transport of smaller gear and tools. The K9’s bed, for instance, is the widest in its class, providing up to 1,598 pounds of payload capacity. 

When it comes to tractors, attachments make moving material across a jobsite a breeze. Front-end loaders and backhoes are among the most popular tractor attachments, and with good reason. From dirt to gravel or sand to woodchips, loaders and backhoes are essential tools for moving materials. But the benefits don’t stop with these classic options. With grapples, compact tractor operators can easily grab ahold of larger items, such as logs or stones, and transport them as needed, clearing the items of unneeded debris in the process. That’s why, in response to customer demand, KIOTI introduced our first-ever line of compact tractor grapples last year.


When you think landscaping, your mind probably first turns to mowers. For fully dedicated landscaping teams, investing in a powerful commercial mower like one of KIOTI’s zero-turn-radius models is a wise move. But for general contractors, a compact tractor can do the job. 

With the versatility of adding implements like a cutter, tiller, box blade or grading scraper, a compact tractor is a good option to tackle jobs beyond just mowing. Adding an attachment like a backhoe or front-end loader will allow you to take on larger landscaping tasks with power and ease. 


A central benefit of both compact tractors and UTVs is operators’ ability to customize each machine to precisely fit their team’s needs. No two contractors can expect the exact same set of demands on the jobsite. With a utility vehicle or compact tractor, they can opt for accessories to create a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment that’s specifically suited for their work ahead.

When it comes to UTV accessories, the options are plentiful. Safety, fog and working lamp options, as well as side view mirror kits, help operators prioritize safety on the jobsite. Side rail extensions add height to your dump bed, allowing you to tackle even bigger jobs. With KIOTI’s winch kit, operators can add 3,000 pounds of pulling power and 50 feet of durable wire rope. 

For both utility vehicles and compact tractors, cabs are a critical element of customization. Depending on your typical working conditions, choose from field-option or factory-installed cabs to create the safest and most comfortable working environment for your team.


Sometimes big things come in small packages, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to using utility vehicles and compact tractors on commercial jobsites. With a nearly endless list of ways, you can put these machines to work, both are invaluable investments that will save your team time and get tough work done for many years to come. 

About the Author:

Joel Hicks is associate product line manager with Kioti. For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, August 2022
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