Dual Dozer
The Dual Dozer is the ideal attachment for the contractor who wants accurate and timely subgrades. Its compact design takes the extra cost of material and labor out of the equation with the compatibility of various automation systems (laser receivers, 3D, or GPS). The Dual Dozer operates independently skid steer, allowing it to independently tilt, rise, and lower from the input of the guidance system. With a hardened replaceable blade on the front and back, the operator won’t waste time pushing or pulling material throughout the worksite. Each receiver works independently from the other keeping a more accurate grade and allowing dual slopes. The standard unit is available with a skid steer or 3pt attachment option. Base models come in 6’, 7’, and 8’ sizes. Consider the Dual Dozer a great investment for the contractor looking to save time and money.
For more information, visit www.dualdozer.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions – June 2016
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