Mini Skid Loader

RAMROD Model 1330 and Model 930 are ideal units for any landscaping and construction project. The RAMROD 1330 features a lift capacity of up to 1,330 lbs., to a height of 72” and boasts a carrying capacity of up to 2,660 lbs. With the Model 1330, customers have the choice of a 9” TRACK Package for overall width of 42” OR a 6” TRACK Package with overall width of 36”. The RAMROD Model 930 is a wheeled unit that has a lifting capacity of 930 lbs. and a carrying capacity of 1,900 lbs. This equipment is safe to use on most surfaces and is able to maneuver in tight and confined spaces.
RAMROD’s award-winning, self-leveling loader arms increase safety and material handling efficiency by eliminating the loss of material during the lifting process. RAMROD’s “Quick On -Quick Off” attachments increase efficiency and reduce downtime by making the process of switching attachments a breeze. With more than 70 attachments available, the versatile RAMROD can handle any task with ease.
For more information, visit www.ramrodequip.com.
Modern Contractor Solutions, July 2015
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