Allmand Bros., Inc. announces its latest generation Maxi-Lite® light tower, the Allmand Maxi-Lite II™, available in either a traditional lay down style or a V-series hydraulically actuated vertical tower. Standard with 100 U.S. gallons of fuel capacity, the Maxi-Lite II can operate up to 175 hours with all four lights operating to provide extended operation with less service expense. A new standard five-point stabilizer system features two side sliding outriggers and two rear sliding outriggers, all with captive lock pins and an additional swivel screw jack on the trailer drawbar. When properly set up and leveled, the Maxi-Lite II can remain stable in wind gusts up to 65 mph. The new Maxi-Lite II provides 150,000 lumens per lamp—a 36 percent increase over most competitive light towers. For more information, call 800.562.1373, or visit
Modern Contractor Solutions, June 2013
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