Fueled by a continued passion for lifting workers and materials safely to height, JLG’s 50th year as the global access pioneer and industry leader was another one record-setting one. Through the dedication of more than 6,000 global team members, FY2019was a year focused on developments and innovations that were a direct result of customer feedback—a major driving force behind the company’s success since the day John L. Grove established the business.

Among the highlights of the year, the company continued to develop its telematics solution, ClearSky™, which is designed to improve equipment run time on the jobsite and longevity of the machines overall. Telematics greatly improves our rental customers’ bottom lines and the feedback has been very positive. Additionally, JLG launched its virtual reality training simulator, JLG AccessReady XR, which is designed to train boom lift operators faster and more effectively, significantly improving safety and jobsite performance. This solution was inspired by customers and is a great complement to the onsite and online training at JLG. The company also focused on other enhancements, including the diversification and expansion of electrification, the implementation of augmented reality for enhancements to service solutions and jobsite preparedness, and changes to equipment design as a result of ANSI standard updates that become effective in March 2020.

JLG has been fully engaged with ANSI subcommittees over many years, helping to create these new standards. Like all manufacturers, they are fine-tuning machine design specifications and updating technology so that it can deliver ANSI-specific equipment and training to customers. To that end, JLG stand ready to assist anyone in the industry who needs support, especially as it relates to the important changes that are impacting MEWP training. 


This past year also produced the JLG Mobile Control app for JLG R Series Scissors. This industry-first technology and app enables users to drive, steer and load R Series scissor lifts while in a stowed position from an iOS mobile device. The app allows operators to have a better view of the jobsite while moving equipment, which helps improve safety conditions and reduce potential damage to the work environment. JLG also launched the JLG SkyGuard SkySense™, an enhanced detection system that uses innovative ultrasonic technology to sense when an object is nearby—first slowing, then stopping the machine before it makes contact. Strategically placed object detection sensors establish warning zones and stop distances while providing audio and visual alerts to inform operators of their surroundings. Finally, JLG also launched a reversing camera for all SkyTrak® brand telehandlers and the JLG G5-18A telehandler this year. The new camera features enhanced sound quality allowing operators to see and hear job site activity outside the cab.

Looking forward at the remainder of FY2020, the company will continue monitoring trends and predictions about market growth for the industry, at the same time building out core product lines and introducing new customer-inspired innovations. As reported over the last year, the company expects continued growth in Asia as a result of product adoption and heightened safety standards. Long-term growth remains very positive In North America and Europe, although some short-term market softening will likely be felt, according the economist predictions.  


JLG is a company built on a pioneering spirit that has driven its success for 50 years. As it goes forward into its fifty-first year as a global access leader and innovator, the company remains focused on its core values of listening to customers and passion about the team and the business—continuing the founder’s mentality born over half of a century ago.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, December 2019
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