Jeffrey Machine had a record-breaking year in 2018
and 2019 is tracking to be even better.


To begin with, Jeffrey Machine announced the addition of a new tool to its lineup: the Econo Auger. The Econo Auger still has the standard fabricated drive box and pin, 1-inch-thick flighting with lifting eye hole and Z-pattern hard surfacing for wear protection, 1-inch-thick wall tubing center shaft, and .990 holders and .990 HB conical teeth, offering them in sizes ranging from 12-60 inches in diameter. Though it is being built alongside standard augers, it has several differences that make it more economical. The Econo Auger does not come with the following: drive box gussets connecting the drive box to the flighting to decrease the chance of box to stem failure, wear pads on the flights (which greatly increase the life of the auger), 100-percent bevel on the flighting (to maximize weld penetration), flighting laminate (which greatly increases the strength of the flighting for crowd and torque), .990 tri-holders (which allow customers to run three types of teeth with one tool such as the conical teeth), dirt shovel teeth, and the dragon’s tooth. Any combination of these options can be added for an additional charge to customize your tool to fit specific drilling needs.


In addition to adding the new tool, Jeffrey Machine has added Bariod products: EZ-MUD® PLUS Polymer Emulsion, POLY-BORE™ Borehole Stabilizing Dry Polymer, and QUIK-GEL® Viscosifier. These are available for purchase through sales representative at either location of Jeffrey Machine (Birmingham, Alabama, or Euless, Texas). The Texas location continues to add stock tools and teeth, making it a convenient option for shipping parts to different parts of the country in a timely manner.


Jeffrey Machine is also offering quarterly specials this year with purchase. The quarter one special was a pair of deer skin, lined gloves that had the Jeffrey Machine logo branded in the leather. “We got so much good feedback on the gloves and the customers were excited to receive a gift from us with their purchase we decided to offer gifts for the whole year.

”For the second quarter, the gift is a Jeffrey Machine YETI® mug. The promotion is for every order over $1,000 you will receive a mug,” Sager says. “It’s a nice incentive for the customer and a way for us to say thank you!” 

The specials are announced in the Jeffrey Machine newsletter, released at the beginning of each new quarter via email. If you would like to sign up for this, you can do so on the website or by calling the Birmingham office.


Jeffrey Machine loves attending trade shows and several are lined up in 2019, including SuperPile (May 1-3) Seattle, Washington; ICUEE (October 1-3) Louisville, Kentucky; and DFI’s 44th Annual (October 15-18) Chicago, Illinois. At these trade shows, Jeffrey Machine will be showcasing different types of tools offered in its lineup and will have sales representatives on hand to answer questions. 

“We love attending shows throughout the year. It’s a great way for us to introduce our product to new customers and see our existing customers and show them what we have that’s new. It also gives us a great opportunity to hear about the changing needs of customers since we’re not always out in the field with them—we can then go back and brainstorm and customize new ideas for them,” says Jeffrey Sager, owner, Jeffrey Machine.


Sager shares, “We are always excited for each year to continue to get to do what we love and we’re looking forward to many more!”

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