At Jeffrey Machine, they make tool buying easy and simple. They focus on having the latest technology with an emphasis on innovation and safety. Jeffrey Machine builds safer, more secure tools to help eliminate jobsite hazards. The Jeffrey Machine shim box is yet another innovation for the drilling community that pushes us further into the future of our industry. When it comes to the size and functionality of drilling equipment like rigs and augers, companies have a variety of choices. As most contractors know, earth-drilling jobs are all unique and require different equipment to get the job done and Jeffrey Machine’s business is providing drilling solutions for any job. 

7” drive box to 130mm shim box

Jeffrey Machine has recently designed a shim box that fits directly inside the kelly box to accept a smaller kelly bar. Shim boxes are fabricated with American-made steel, cut on high-definition CNC plasma machines, and robot-welded to allow the use of multiple rigs on the same tool. In cases where there is a tool with a larger kelly box than the rig can accommodate, it is not necessary to purchase an adapter. If there are multiple sizes of kelly bars you can buy one tool and three shim boxes instead of buying four different tools! Another great benefit to having a shim box vs. an adaptor is that you will not lose your auger in the hole that’s being dug. Losing an auger in a hole can be problematic and time-consuming, but this complication can be avoided by acquiring a shim box. Shim boxes can also increase the torque output on your drilling rig which saves time on the job. 

200mm drive box to 7” shim box

Jeffrey Machine offers standard shim boxes to fit Jeffrey tools along with stocking several standard sizes of shim boxes. They can also custom build when needed. “This type of solution in the field cuts down time and minimizes costs to help companies who own multiple sizes of kelly bars and rigs,” says Jeffrey Sager, president of the company. Jeffrey Machine continues to raise the bar in the industry with another first in drilling technology. 

Jeffrey Machine shim boxes are readily stocked in both the Texas and Alabama location. Contact them today and a sales team member will be happy to assist any customer with any needs or questions. They can be contacted at 205.841.8600 (Birmingham) or 817.545.8677 (Euless).

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