Waterless Engine Coolant
Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant is a revolutionary cooling fluid formulated to prevent cooling system failure. Common problems such as Overheating, Corrosion, Electrolysis, Liner Pitting, and High Pressure can be resolved by eliminating water from the system. Evans unique waterless blend safely operates beyond the limitations of water under the harsh conditions.

  • No Water – No Overheating: Evans Waterless Coolants have a boiling point of 375˚ F and will not boil over.
  • No Water – No Corrosion: Water Corrodes engines by oxidation and electrolysis. Evans Waterless Coolants are a low oxygen formulation and reduce corrosive action.
  • No Water – No Pressure: Evans Waterless Coolants allow your cooling system to run at a lower pressure, reducing the stress on engine components.
  • No Water – No Liner Pitting: Evans Waterless Coolants generate significantly less liner pitting when compared with all water-based coolants.
  • No Water – No Scaling: Evans Waterless Coolants prevent the buildup of hard water scale that results in inefficient heat transfer.
  • Evans Waterless Coolants don’t overheat and prevent downtime caused by boil over, but also protect from internal damage increasing the life of the engine. For more information, call 888.990.2665, or visit www.evanscooling.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions, January 2014

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