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Isuzu is a global producer of on-road commercial vehicles, off-road diesel engine applications, and stationary engines, with a consistent focus on “creation without compromise” to build and maintain a world-class organization for power solutions. Over the years, through the expansion of its manufacturing operations, Isuzu products have continued to benefit people in more than 100 countries. Its engine manufacturing has now exceeded 26,000,000 globally. Isuzu ensures the most advanced performance and services, with a goal to become the new international standard of excellence in product development, quality, manufacturing systems, and customer support.


Isuzu Diesel has proven to be reliable, eco-friendly, durable, and technologically advanced since 1916. Its Tier 4 and beyond products, branded under Isuzu REDTech™, provide quiet, low maintenance and fuel-efficient solutions for existing and new applications. From 11.8 hp to more than 500 hp, these engines use a unique technology without a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). Each engine is precision-tuned for its highest efficiency, while reducing oil and fuel consumption. A long-lasting and robust fuel injection system is incorporated for excellent fuel economy and extended service life. Stringent criteria of lowering NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) are engineered into every Isuzu engine. Each application is designed to meet customer specifications and is engineering validated for each environment. Isuzu REDTech™ engines with reliable performance, durability, and high-thermal efficiency help eliminate downtime. All of this is supported by a Distributor and Dealer network along with dedicated professionals disciplined in engineering, manufacturing, and management to ensure the right customer solutions. 

New alternative fuel engines and power units introduced in late 2018 and early 2019 now offer Dual-Fuel Systems to eliminate reconfiguration downtime.

From the launch of alternative fuel 4HV1 4.6L Engines and Power Units for off-highway and industrial applications, Isuzu now offers the first Dual-Fuel System to eliminate on-site reconfiguration downtime. 

Simply by sending a signal to the engine to instruct it for natural gas or liquid propane fuels through the pin connector in the machine interface. A 12-volt or ground signal is sent to the engine telling it what fuel type will be used prior to starting. 


Isuzu Diesel offers standard or custom power unit configurations from 11.8 hp to 188 hp. These products are backed with limited warranties based on years or hours of service. Pictured below are the Tier 4 Final 3CH1 at 11-18kW, 4LE2X at 30-49kW, 4JJ1X at 52-84kW, and 4HK1X at 129-140kW. These products are available to fit numerous industrial and off-highway applications where reliable, eco-friendly, durable, and technologically advanced power is needed in every environment.

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