Isuzu REDTech™ New 4HV1 Power Unit

Isuzu introduced its first Alternative Fuel Power Unit in 2019 during the ARA Rental Industry Show in California. Isuzu, a leader of reliable Engine technology since 1916, has now created these robust alternative fuel products to supply the growth within the Off-Highway, Industrial, and Rental markets. The 4.6L Engine provides a range of dependable power in LP: 82.5 hp (61.5kW) @ 1800 RPM or 56.3 hp (41.9 kW) @ 2200 RPM. In Natural Gas: 78.4 hp (58.5kW) @ 1800 RPM or 79.8 hp (59.5 kW) @ 2200 RPM.

From the beginning, Isuzu has been known as a leader in Diesel engines so it becomes a natural progression to create Alternative Fuel products with the same qualities that they have been recognized for more than 100 years.

Isuzu is reliable because of their global leadership in manufacturing of high technology engines, trucks, and buses that are being used throughout the world. Resources dedicated to continuous improvements through thousands of employees who are disciplined in engineering, manufacturing, and management help ensure the right products for customers.

Isuzu has always been concerned about the earth. Their Eco-friendly Diesel engines use a unique technology applied in low load environments achieving Tier 4 Final without a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). Each engine is precision tuned for its highest efficiency, reducing oil and fuel consumption.

Isuzu engines are built durable because of an optimized robust fuel injection system with efficient distribution, including a precise cylinder-to-liner fit which enhances proper combustion and eliminates excessive oil consumption throughout the life of the engine.

Technologically advanced so every application is designed to meet customer specifications and engineering validated for each environment. Isuzu engines provide reliable performance, durability, and high thermal efficiency to help eliminate downtime. Reliable, quiet, fuel efficient, and low maintenance have always been Isuzu hallmarks.