Cemen Tech will be investing in new manufacturing technology to improve its operations and address workforce issues thanks to the state of Iowa’s new Manufacturing 4.0 grants. 

“This grant helps close a ROI gap that may otherwise direct resources elsewhere, and it represents a commitment on behalf of the State of Iowa to invest in its manufacturing infrastructure. We appreciate the foresight by our elected officials to keep our manufacturing base strong, which bolsters our middle class and provides communities like Indianola with high-paying jobs,” says Connor Deering, CEO and president, Cemen Tech. 

The $400,000 grant will be used to install production automation tools to relieve certain health and safety issues for Cemen Tech’s employee owners. “We have identified certain job functions that are repetitive, strain employees’ physical health, and do not add significant value to the production process. We will put robots and other automation solutions in to redeploy those employees to more value-added, fulfilling work,” says Josh Maurer, CFO at Cemen Tech. For more, visit www.cementech.com