By Donna Campbell

Before the calendar flipped to 2019, I spoke with Paul McKeon, founder and CEO of B2W Software. His company is a provider of heavy construction software with specialized applications used by estimators to create competitive bids and manage complex projects. 

During our chat, I asked about the company’s recent successes and his view on emerging technology. He shared a few of the catalysts for growth that has led his company in its success. 

MCS: What are some the catalysts for growth that have contributed to the success of B2W Software in the construction space?

MCKEON: There have been a number of different factors that have been the catalysts for growth. First of all, the economy is strong and the volume of construction projects being embarked upon is strong. The economy has been a big help. But more than that … technology has emerged in a way that has really made tools and technology more usable by the construction industry. For example, tablets and smartphones have been a big driver in a general sense for the construction industry. Building on this has allowed B2W to create a platform and a mobile stack.

Secondly, the real core of our growth stems from significant investment in R&D. Over the last 5-10 years, we have been investing heavily in R&D to deepen and broaden the product offering. We have also made a significant investment in the marketing spend and the sales organization behind B2W Software.

So, all of these investments, the advent of more usable technology, and the general market climate have fueled the growth of the company.

MCS: Have you seen an upswing of construction companies adopting technology?

MCKEON: There are indicators that the construction industry is engaging in the adoption of new technology. I see companies wanting to adopt technology to help them drive efficiencies and drive profitability. The heavy civil construction space, as it relates to our customer base, is engaged in competitive bidding. They know they need to embrace technology in order to be competitive. Having a software platform enables contractors to know where they are regarding profitability on a project. They need to have access to information they are working on today and not wait 5 to 10 weeks on the accounting department to provide reports. They need immediate feedback. Technology provides the tools to keep the profit margins on a project top of mind for contractors.

MCS: Have you encountered a younger generation entering the workforce with an interest in construction?

MCKEON: The young folks coming into the construction space have an expectation of technology in the workspace. It’s no longer pen and paper or even Excel spreadsheets. This is certainly a driver and fueling some of the growth of our company. Younger people are entering the construction market and bringing with them an insistence of technology to help them do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

MCS: Closing thoughts?

MCKEON: I see the construction industry being strong for the next 3 years. B2W is in a good position right now and we’ve been fortunate to have great people working for us. We have a great culture. And, the construction market that we serve has good, solid people that truly like our product offerings. We are providing tools they need and we are in a good spot to be able to continue helping contractors with getting the jobs and doing the work they love.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, April 2019
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