InEight, Inc., a global leader in construction project management software, announces an update to its project cost management solution that significantly improves the quote workflow for contractors while boosting their confidence to choose the right quotes.

By providing the ability to view and edit all quotes directly in the user interface, the update allows users to quickly arrive at the best selections available while having the knowledge of how any quote group will impact the estimate.

The new features will make it easier for customers to manage subcontractor and supplier quotes during the closing hours of a bid. By improving the user’s efficiency in entering quotes and aligning scopes, the InEight solution ensures the selected quote minimizes risk while providing best value during bid closeout.

“InEight continues to support contractors who rely heavily on quoted prices to help ensure that their estimates are accurate and to minimize and mitigate the risk associated with receiving multiple pricing options at the last minute,” says Rick Deans, executive vice president of industry engagement, InEight. “These new enhancements allow contractors to more easily refine their quote numbers right up to the last moments before bids are actually closed out. This means that as their quote prices are changing, they will now have better tools to manage and overcome the typical chaos such users tend to experience during and just before bid closeout.”

Some of the new updates address unique needs of vertical building contractors, including a more efficient process for actioning last-minute changes to prices received from subcontractors or vendors, as well as heightened visibility of the coverage of the estimates for quoted work. For more, visit