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According to new research report by Global Market Insights, Industrial Fall Protection Equipment Market may exceed $3.8 billion by 2024.


Increasing government regulations and standards regarding worker safety in industries such as mining, energy, utility, and construction may accelerate industry growth. These regulations require employers to provide equipment for protection from floor holes, runways, platforms, and dangerous machines. These products help prevent falls, trips, and slips on slippery surfaces, preventing minor injuries and fatalities, thus boosting industrial fall protection equipment market growth.

Body belts for industrial fall protection equipment market should surpass S360 million by 2024 due to increasing government investments in infrastructure facilities. These products prevent drop from elevated platforms, ensure proper worker positioning, and work in combination with full body harnesses. Also, they provide comfort and are resistant to harsh environment, chemicals, and moisture, which may further stimulate industry growth.


Industrial fall protection equipment market from oil & gas applications should witness gains close to 7 percent in the predicted period primarily owing to rising energy demand and favorable government initiatives to promote investments. These products withstand harsh conditions such as fire, contamination, and rain, along with ensuring worker safety during pipe positioning, maintenance, tear down, or rig setup operations. The oil & gas industry has a high potential for injuries during operations in confined spaces such as reserve pits, storage tanks, excavated areas, mud pits, and hooped ladders, which may further boost industrial fall protection equipment market growth.


North America driven by the U.S. industrial fall protection equipment market may observe significant gains at over 6 percent on account of increasing construction activities in the region. The region is witnessing rising development of commercial and residential buildings. The U.S. government has announced infrastructure plans aimed at attracting investments for the modernization of old infrastructure such as bridges, roads, public utilities, and hospitals. Industrial fall protection equipment offers protection from various hazards in the construction industry such as ladders, scaffolds, stairs, roofs, and building structures, which may further stimulate product demand.


Global industrial fall protection equipment market share is consolidated among few manufacturers such as MSA Safety Company, 3M, Capital Safety, and Honeywell. Other manufacturers include French Creek production, Mallcom Pure Safety Group, and Udyogi. Prominent industry participants are primarily focusing on new product development to improve product offerings and strategic acquisitions to expand their product portfolio.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, November 2019
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