QuietRock® sound panels

QuietRock® sound panels set to keep the peace at luxury hotel

Everything is bigger in Texas, especially the love of football. From pee-wee football to the sung praises of the Dallas Cowboys on the professional level, football is worshipped in Texas.


The central temple of all football sports complexes, The Star of Frisco, lies 20 miles north of downtown Dallas, where Omni Hotels and Resorts put the final touches on a new, full-service luxury hotel catering to businesses, meeting groups, and sports-crazed travelers. The only upscale property in Frisco, the 300-room hotel is the cornerstone of a mixed-use development that involves pro football, retail, entertainment, offices, and a medical center. 

Key to maintaining the feel of a luxury project, the hotel placed an emphasis on sound transmission class (STC) in its wall designs using QuietRock®, a one-of-a-kind layer laminated panel that measures 13/8 inches thick and weighs 6.7 pounds per square foot. 

Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems in hotels, condos, and office buildings are often sources of noise complaints by occupants. The hum from a transformer, the grind of rooftop condensing units, or water traversing through plumbing pipes in walls, are among the many sounds that disturb building occupants and cause complaints.


QuietRock sound-reducing gypsum panels are installed throughout the 16-story structure in guest rooms adjacent to the hotel’s mechanical and maintenance yard. David Smith, division manager for specialty drywall contractor, Marek Brothers Systems-Dallas, was pleased at the opportunity to use a simple solution for a big challenge. With the help of Larry Goss, distributor of Foundation Building Materials-Dallas, Smith was able to use one layer of QuietRock to meet the hotel’s high STC requirements.

The top floors of the hotel accommodate 28 suites and a rooftop deck with a swimming pool, fire pits, cabanas, a restaurant, and room for up to 400 guests. The rooftop overlooks a plaza, a focal point for future development. All the noise from the rooftop and mechanical equipment—as well as the noises of future development—won’t penetrate a wall protected by QuietRock.

The only sound-damped panel designed for maximum sound isolation across a broad frequency range, QuietRock offers high STC ratings (up to STC 80 in certain assemblies) and outperforms complicated, conventional, sound isolating assemblies.


Established in 1972, the family-owned company produces top-tier gypsum panel products and superior customer service throughout the western United States. PABCO® Gypsum is a division of PABCO Building Products LLC, one of several subsidiaries that make up the Pacific Coast Building Products family of companies, serving customers coast-to-coast. PABCO Gypsum’s complete range of products incorporates numerous proprietary and/or patented sound, fire, water, and mold resistant technologies that promote sustainable and transparent building practices. PABCO’s acoustical products division takes building sciences to the next level through its elite Quiet® product line. Protected by 17 U.S. issued patents and 27 foreign patents, QuietRock products reduce sound and vibration in a multitude of applications by utilizing modern chemistries, lamination techniques, and a Silicon Valley approach to building sciences.

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PABCO Gypsum, a family-owned company, produces top-tier gypsum panel products and superior customer service throughout the western United States. For more information about PABCO, visit www.pabcogypsum.com

Modern Contractor Solutions, February 2019
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