Mary Jane Scott and Bud Page
Mary Jane Scott and Bud Page

By Amanda Bertolozzi

Growing up around his parents’ company, Page Construction, in the North Carolina Triad area, Bud Page always knew he wanted to end up with a career in dirt work.

“I’ve always known that I wanted to be in construction,” Bud says. “I remember sitting in high school, looking out the window, and watching the man mowing the yard or seeing construction down the road and thinking, ‘That’s what I want to do.’” 

The construction industry wasn’t always the plan for Bud’s sister Mary Jane Scott, however. Although she spent many summers picking up nails at her parents’ jobsites, she moved away from the industry as she got older.

“Growing up, I definitely did not foresee myself in this industry,” she says. “I actually went to nursing school and worked as a nurse, even after I got married. Then my parents’ business was growing so much, and they were going through some hardships, so I came onboard.”

In 2007, Bud, Mary Jane and their mom transitioned the family business into Page and Associates, specializing in grading and utilities along with commercial and residential rental property management.


As co-owners of Page and Associates, Bud and Mary Jane work together when it comes to making major company decisions. This is especially true for purchasing new equipment. Since 2008, Page and Associates has turned to Hitachi.

“We love Hitachi,” Mary Jane says. “We know it’s going to withstand the hardships of constantly running day-to-day. We love it because we can trust it. We know that we won’t need to have people constantly coming to work on our Hitachis. If they’re working on them, that means our guys aren’t running them and that time is money.”

The company currently has around 10 Hitachi excavators in its fleet including three ZX350LC-6s, a ZX245USLC-6, a ZX300LC-6, and a few smaller models including a ZX85USB-5 and ZX35U-5.

“I always needed more equipment,” Bud says. “As the years progressed, we were able to purchase some machines. Hitachi’s fuel economy, power, and product support … it’s all why we chose the brand and continue to choose it.”


Bud and Mary Jane had just transitioned the family business into Page and Associates when the recession hit. Despite the economic challenges, Bud and Mary Jane’s relationship remained solid.

“The hardships have definitely brought my brother and I closer together,” Mary Jane says. “We’re thick as thieves and there’s nothing that can break that. We know that if we have a bad day, tomorrow is going to be better. I’m thankful that we’re able to work together, happily run a company together and trust one another.”

Their mutual support is also shown through Mary Jane’s co-management of the company. As a woman in a male-dominated field, she knows Bud has her back.

“As a female business owner in this industry, I don’t always get the respect that I would like to have,” Mary Jane says. “It’s getting better, but there are still times I call someone for a piece of equipment and they’ll call Bud back instead of me. When he gets that call, he’ll say, ‘I guess you better call Sis back because I didn’t call you.’ He always says, ‘We’re the boss.’ It’s great that he trusts me and knows that I can do what a man can do.”


Bud and Mary Jane also appreciate the positive partnership they have with their local Hitachi dealer, James River Equipment. 

“The fact that James River respects me as a female business owner is huge,” Mary Jane says. “They get products and equipment out when they say they are going to. If something’s down, they fix it. They always have done what they said they were going to do. That’s why we have such a good relationship with them.”

For Bud and Mary Jane, positive relationships—both in the family and with their employees—are key to a successful business. Without the lasting support of their employees, they both acknowledge that Page and Associates wouldn’t be what it is today.

“We couldn’t do anything without our employees,” Mary Jane says. “We appreciate the loyalty and trust they’ve shown us, even through all the hardships. They’ve been with us through the good, bad and ugly.”


Bud echoed Mary Jane’s sentiment, noting that all employees make a positive difference for the company.

“I always say that each of our employees don’t have a number; they have a name,” he says. “We all work together every day and we’re all human. We have quite a few employees who have been with us for many years and they’re a big part of our business. In this industry, you need a few good people, and we have them.” 

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Modern Contractor Solutions, October 2021
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