ICP Building Solutions Group (BSG), a global leader in high-performance professional products, has introduced its new Polyset® CR-20® Refill System and Cart, ideal for large commercial roofing projects. 

The new 17-gallon portable system provides increased yield and lower cost per applied square. The unique refillable cylinders provide a lower upfront cost compared to other expensive systems and, once emptied, are returned to ICP for cleaning, refurbishing, and eventual reuse. 

Trusted by commercial roofing professionals everywhere, Polyset CR-20 adhesive is a low-rise, two-component polyurethane foam adhesive engineered for speed and simplicity of installation. It’s ideal for adhering a variety of insulation boards, cover boards, and fleeceback membranes to various substrates in both new and re-roof applications. 

ICP BSG’s roofing solutions are each backed by MasterWorks, the building and construction industry’s most comprehensive product training and education program, available exclusively to ICP BSG contractors and distributors. For more, visit www.icpgroup.com.