Aqua Cutter and Ergo Hydrodemolition robots are opening up new opportunities for contractors in a number of concrete removal and surface preparation applications. Images courtesy of Aquajet.

When changes disrupt an industry, advances in technology are often sought to boost a company’s performance. In the case of hydrodemolition, Aquajet is moving the construction industry forward. The following is an excerpt of a Q&A with Keith Armishaw, business development manager, with Aquajet.

MCS: Aquajet has always been on the cutting edge of industry trends. What are you seeing as far as shifting perspectives when it comes to technology within the construction and demolition industry? 

ARMISHAW: Throughout the construction and demolition process, people at every level are embracing technology at a much faster pace than previously. From the worker on the jobsite all the way up to regulatory agencies and project stakeholders, we’ve seen increased demand for more advanced equipment, systems, and processes. 

Why is that? Well, the industry is changing. Younger workers are entering the market. Technology abounds in every other aspect of their lives, so they expect it in their workplace as well. We have a new generation of managers who want to protect their crews from the dusty, backbreaking methods of the past. They recognize that automation and robotics allow them to keep crews safer and healthier while also increasing productivity and overall cost effectiveness. Additionally, those outside the day-to-day work of building, such as regulatory agencies and project stakeholders, recognize the potential for safer, more eco-friendly construction practices thanks to more advanced technology. 

In terms of Hydrodemolition, we’ve seen our Aqua Cutter and Ergo robots open up new opportunities for contractors in a number of concrete removal and surface preparation applications. Our compact, heavy-duty equipment virtually eliminates the need for hand lances and jackhammers and offers unparalleled access in dangerous or confined spaces. It keeps employees out of the riskiest situations while providing up to 25 times the productivity for a truly optimized operation. 

More recently, though, we’ve seen a shift toward high-tech equipment management solutions that go beyond the immediate jobsite to help streamline logistics and overall operations. This is perhaps a new space for many manufacturers, but one with a lot of potential to help facilitate long-term success for customers.

Aquajet designs their Hydrodemolition robots, high-pressure pumps, water treatment systems, and attachments to provide solutions not just for today, but for tomorrow as well, resulting in the most eco-friendly Hydrodemolition equipment on the market.

MCS: What is Aquajet doing to meet the needs of Hydrodemolition contractors in this new, high-tech industry?

ARMISHAW: Aquajet has always been highly sensitive to immediate and future challenges facing our customers. We design our Hydrodemolition robots, high-pressure pumps, water treatment systems and attachments to provide solutions not just for today, but for tomorrow as well. This has led us to develop the most eco-friendly Hydrodemolition equipment on the market. 

In 2020 we launched the Ecosilence 3.0 high-pressure pump system to help Hydrodemolition contractors meet increasingly stringent noise restrictions. The compact system incorporates innovative sound-absorbing cassettes within the container’s walls and doors. A skid-mounted unit, featuring an integrated, low-emission engine with the latest technology and a liquid-to-air cooling system, provides power for the high-pressure pump. This unit also employs auto start/stop technology, which temporarily shuts down the engine when not in operation. This feature reduces idling, saving as much as 20-25 liters of fuel a day, as well as water consumption. It also reduces wear on the pump and engine, increasing overall service life of the equipment. 

We also pioneered the only self-contained fully automated Hydrodemolition wastewater treatment system to give contractors more control. The EcoClear treats wastewater on-site and on-demand. It neutralizes water pH and reduces suspended solids for safe release into sanitary sewers, storm drains or directly into the environment, giving contractors options to meet their specific situation. It also allows contractors to reuse blast water in the high-pressure pump as part of a closed-loop system, opening up opportunities in remote locations or areas where securing water is a hurdle to Hydrodemolition success.

Additionally, we’re developing equipment management solutions aimed at helping contractors maximize their Hydrodemolition potential on the business side, as well. These provide a digital toolkit to optimize logistics and equipment performance for long-term success.


According to Armishaw, predicting the next tech trend is tricky. Aquajet is certain Hydrodemolition technology will continue to advance at a rapid pace. As the labor force evolves, the tools needed to get the job done will continue to change, as well. And while we might not know exactly what the systems of tomorrow will look like, we are confident Aquajet will be at the forefront, as it’s been for more than 45 years. 

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Keith Armishaw is the business development manager for Aquajet’s North American subsidiary. He has more than 25 years of industry and leadership experience. Aquajet is known as the industry leader in hydrodemolition machines and solutions, both in terms of quality and volume. The company’s headquarters and production facilities are in Holsbybrunn, Sweden, and sells globally. For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, August 2021
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