Here are two case studies sharing the use of, a mobile app offering workers’ comp insurance and full-service payroll for small and medium businesses with hourly workers.


Imagen Construction owner Carlos Delgadillo started his general contracting business in 2019. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company specializes in commercial and residential remodels and new builds in the Bay Area.

For Carlos Delgadillo, keeping track of his team’s hours ate up an entire day. Every week, the Imagen Construction owner trekked to their jobsites—traveling up to 50 miles a day—to collect his team’s timesheets and then drove back to the company’s headquarters in San Jose to process them.

“After that, I still wasn’t done,” explains Carlos. “I had input all the hours myself and print out the checks. It was a huge waste of time. Time is money and the more time I spent on timesheets and doing admin stuff, the less time I spent grabbing more work for my businesses.”

To complicate things even further, his payroll and workers’ comp were on separate systems, creating two different procedures. As payday approached, Carlos tried to link the two together. 

Hourly connects workers’ comp insurance, payroll, and time tracking in real time. Shifts are recorded automatically and premiums adjust to match changes in payroll if Carlos’s business scales up or down. 

And when business scales up to meet greater demand, hiring and onboarding new employees is also a breeze. Carlos notes that he “can get a new employee on the books quickly and keep moving onto the next job.” 

Now that Carlos has more time on his hands, he’s used the opportunity to grow his business. 

What’s next? With business booming, Carlos and his team recently upgraded to a larger office to take on more projects. And they’ve already booked $5 million worth of business for next year—including four major custom home building projects in the Bay Area. 

“We can’t wait to get started and see what the future holds,” says Carlos.


BAM Painting co-owners Todd Schuster and Sabu Thomas started their painting business more than a decade ago. Today, the company employs up to ten people during busy seasons and works on a slew of interior and exterior painting projects ranging from sheetrock to crown molding.

BAM Painting co-owner Sabu Thomas urgently needed to contact someone to fix a payroll error—an employee hadn’t received their paycheck—but no one answered the phone even after he called his payroll service provider repeatedly and dashed off multiple emails. Frustratingly, it took his now former payroll provider several days to respond. 

It didn’t take long for Sabu to discover that the company was a two-person operation on the East Coast with atrocious customer service.

“Not only was the customer service terrible but we were led to believe that the company was much bigger than it was,” says Sabu, whose painting business is located on the opposite coast in Sunnyvale, California. “They didn’t seem to value listening to customers and the differing time zones made it harder to get in touch. As a businessman, I hold customer service in high esteem. I wanted to find a payroll company that felt the same way.”

Sabu found that partner in Hourly and connected BAM Painting’s payroll to his company’s workers’ comp policy. By using real-time data, Hourly seamlessly blends the two so BAM never overpays for coverage. Even better? No more missed paychecks and when Sabu calls the customer success team, someone always picks up the phone.

“Good customer service goes a long way,” Sabu says, explaining how he’s happy to work with a company headquartered in the same time zone—and state—as BAM. “It doesn’t matter what time I call or email for help—our Hourly customer service point person always responds—even on weekends. It’s my personal mission to support companies like Hourly that take customer service seriously and return calls and emails. You’d be surprised how many companies don’t.” 

BAM’s future inclues ambitious plans to extend beyond painting. 

“We’re looking to branch out into flipping homes and remodeling. We’re in the process of getting certifications and licenses so we can expand and create more opportunities for the business,” says Sabu who plans on using Hourly to meet BAM’s workers’ comp and payroll needs as the company broadens their horizons in other territories.

The aggravation of not being able to connect with a live person is a thing of the past for Sabu and BAM Painting—and that’s something Sabu is grateful for.

“If I could only use one word to describe Hourly, I would say ‘phenomenal.’” 


Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, is a data-driven insurance startup offering workers’ comp insurance and full-service payroll for small and medium businesses with hourly workers. Powered by real-time data, Hourly’s platform ensures running payroll is as quick as pressing a button and that you get accurate workers’ comp premiums down to the penny.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, October 2023
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