Honda offers a comprehensive range of fuel-efficient, four-stroke models

Honda is the world’s largest manufacturer of engines and offers a comprehensive range of fuel-efficient, four-stroke models that provide easy starts, quiet, low-vibration operation, and dependable power for thousands of different product applications including rescue and construction equipment, pressure washers, lawnmowers, and landscaping tools. Honda engines are some of the quietest and easiest to start of their kind, even in harsh commercial environments—helping people get jobs done. Such attributes have made Honda engines the popular choice for original equipment manufacturers, especially heavy-duty commercial and turf industry customers, looking to add value to their own brands with more versatile power, greater adaptability, and excellent fuel efficiency in a compact package.


Four Honda V-Twin engines, the iGX700/iGXV700 and iGX800/iGXV800, are providing commercial construction and turf industry customers more versatile power and even greater adaptability than ever before, matched with excellent fuel efficiency. These models represent the pinnacle of Honda’s general-purpose lineup, serving as an extension of the GX Series commercial-grade engines already known for their unparalleled durability, quality, and reliability. 

Available in both horizontal and vertical shaft configurations, the newest Honda V-Twins are an ideal fit for demanding applications including concrete and construction equipment (power screeds, hydraulic power units, concrete saws, ride-on concrete trowels, vibratory rollers, generators and pressure washers) and commercial turf equipment (zero-turn radius [ZTR] mowers, lawn tractors, garden tractors, utility vehicles, trenchers, stump grinders and chipper/shredders). 


Providing enhanced performance and quality, the Honda iGX700/iGXV700 and iGX800/iGXV800 engines are equipped with fuel injection technology and an integrated electronic control unit (ECU) with a self-tuning regulator (STR) governor system that delivers drive-by-wire remote control capability to manage key aspects of engine operation—allowing the engine to communicate with the machine it is powering to achieve optimal performance by monitoring key parameters, controlling engine speed and diagnostics. To illustrate, potential new commercial applications and attributes of this technology include:

  • pressure washers that idle, then stop, when the user squeezes or releases the trigger handle*
  • water pumps that can be automatically activated based on water level by a remote switch*
  • generators that can automatically start when required and vary engine speed based on electrical draw*

* requires OEM componentry

Because the new Honda V-Twin iGX engines eliminate the need for manual manipulation of the choke and throttle, they also are ideal for rental applications. Additional iGX design features that users will appreciate include a digital ignition system; long-life air filter; automotive-style starter motor; low- pressure and high-pressure fuel pumps; engine temperature monitoring; and parameter-setting ECUs. Benefiting consumers, Honda iGX technology results in excellent fuel efficiency, low emissions, and low noise through engine speed that can adapt based on power demands. 


As a result of Honda’s adoption of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard J1939 vehicle bus, the recommended practice used for communication and diagnostics among vehicle components, the newest Honda V-Twin models offer a standardized method for communication across ECUs and feature a control panel with an LED indicator that informs the user about potential problems with diagnostic trouble codes. This indicator is designed either to stop the engine or alert the operator if any corrective actions need to be taken. These alerts also protect and help extend the life of the engine. 


The iGX700/iGXV700 and iGX800/iGXV800 engines feature cutting-edge design and innovative, technologically advanced elements, including a hemispherical combustion chamber, an integrated cylinder and cylinder head, forged steel connecting rods and a 9.3:1 compression ratio, contributing to high efficiency, as well as low noise and vibration. In addition, the integrated cylinder and head eliminate the need for a head gasket, resulting in superior cooling and reliable performance. The integration of electronic fuel injection, along with the advanced combustion chamber design and the integrated Digital Capacitive Ignition (CDI) with variable timing, results in excellent fuel efficiency and enhanced operation.


Honda iGX700/iGXV700 and iGX800/iGXV800 models feature high power output in a compact design comparable to the compact base frame footprints of other high-output Honda engines, ranging from the GX630 to the iGX800. The design compatibility minimizes changing time, making it easy for the user to install the new V-Twin models when older engines reach the end of their service lives. The design also allows manufacturers maximum flexibility with current tooling and frames. The Honda iGX models carry a 3-year, non-declining warranty. Parts and services are widely available via the Honda national dealer network.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, January 2020
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