American Honda Motor Co., Inc., has launched the Honda eGX, an advanced, electrified power unit and the company’s first lithium-ion battery-powered motor designed to be incorporated into commercial OEM power equipment products for indoor and outdoor use. 

The Honda eGX is the next generation GX experience, offering durability, rugged performance, and instant commercial and rental market entry for applications such as rammers, sprayers, air compressors, concrete power trowels and brick cutters, and vibratory plate compactors—just to name a few.  

The new Honda eGX provides quiet operation, reduced vibration, and quick charging for maximum operating time. A high-power, 3-phase brushless DC motor increases performance and reliability. Easy maintenance and user-friendly operation with easy starting and easy stopping yield heightened productivity. With no fuel dependency and zero emissions, the Honda eGX serves to reduce the carbon footprint, dovetailing with the Honda Vision for 2030.


The new Honda eGX was designed not just for OEMs but also to meet the needs of power equipment owners and equipment operators. The sealed Honda eGX motor and battery pack are dust and water resistant, making them practical for use in harsh, heavy-duty environments.

For equipment owners, the electric motor and battery pack provide greater versatility, allowing what had been solely outdoor power equipment to be used inside. The Honda advanced electrified power unit allows for expanded work hours and eliminates costly routine servicing needs and downtime for repairs of internal combustion engine products. The Honda eGX also provides zero emissions and reduced operator fatigue.

Finally, the quiet, simple operation makes the Honda eGX easy, convenient and comfortable for equipment operators. The electric motor is quiet and smooth. The user can turn the motor on and off with a simple switch, while color-coded lights indicate on/off power status (green), alert status (orange) and trouble status (red). Each battery pack is topped with an easy grip holder, giving the user quick access to a secure grip when handling and swapping batteries to and from the charger.


“The Honda Vision for 2030 encompasses creating and ensuring the joys of helping people make their lives better. The new Honda eGX is aligned with this vision, representing the Honda R&D strategy to balance technological innovation, performance, and environmental sustainability in Honda products and operations,” says Kevin Mills, assistant vice president, sales operations, Honda Power Sports & Products. “Today’s environment is shifting supply and demand toward zero emission products. But reducing operational greenhouse gas emissions is only part of the picture: battery powered power products must meet rugged performance standards required by owners while making the equipment easier for operators to use.”


According to Mills, with this new, advanced electrified power unit, Honda is supporting OEMs in commercial markets in their efforts to meet increasingly stringent regulatory standards while expanding their portfolios with strategic developments such as developing more battery powered products; enhancing service offerings; and expansion, collaboration, and partnerships with customers and suppliers.  

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Modern Contractor Solutions, March 2023
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