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Construction professionals face many challenges on the jobsite but understanding how to solve and manage pain points, such as keeping workers productive is key. From increasing efficiency, to improving worker comfort, contractors want solutions that will help save time and help get workers up to speed quickly. Hilti, a world-leading manufacturer and provider of construction tools and technology says its newest innovation can help. The company is expanding its cordless tool offering with the addition of the world’s first cordless breaker, the TE 500-A36. Specifically engineered for the challenges associated with breaking concrete and masonry, the tool delivers the power of a corded breaker with the mobility and productivity of a cordless solution.   


Use of cordless tools is on the rise with contractors, who are under consistent pressure to help increase jobsite safety and maximize productivity. It’s a win-win for management and tradesman alike, with a variety of benefits to the user—such as eliminating the need to drag around a cord, which quickly becomes a tripping hazard. Cordless tools also tend to be easier to maneuver into tighter areas. Hilti is offering a cordless breaker that provides comparable performance to the equivalent corded tool. 

“The construction industry is at pivotal moment where the use of cordless technology is rapidly growing on jobsites as a strategy to stay ahead,” says Rafael Garcia, senior vice president of marketing at Hilti North America. “We’re at the forefront of delivering cordless tools strong enough to take on the most challenging applications without sacrificing performance or ergonomics (e.g., weight, vibrations, etc.). We introduced 36-volt cordless tools nearly 35 years ago, and our longevity in cordless leadership and battery innovation is a testament to our commitment to solving our customers’ challenges. The world’s first cordless breaker is a great addition to our growing, heavy-duty cordless solutions as we continue to service our customers’ needs.” 


When it comes to cordless tools, the battery pack is key to having the power to effectively and efficiently run the tool for the application. With the technology in lithium batteries constantly increasing, contractors will continue to see improvements to cordless tools, helping them work even longer and more productively. Hilti’s new tool is powered by the strongest and highest capacity (36-volt 9.0 ah lithium-ion) battery in its class and includes a high efficiency brushless motor, which delivers unmatched power, performance, and reliability. It’s finally happening—professional grade cordless tools that can take on the most challenging applications all day with no-strings attached flexibility. 


The wrong tool can be hard on a user’s body, causing fatigue and physical strain—it’s tough to use, it reduces the overall productivity and use you can get out of it in a given day. One of the physical causes of fatigue is exposure to long-term tool vibration experienced in many applications, especially when breaking concrete or masonry. Through research and development, Hilti has worked to help minimize power tool vibration with the revolutionary Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) systems, which works in many ways including:

The motor is isolated from the external housing through a suspension system, absorbing vibration that would otherwise pass directly to the user.

Counterweights oscillate to counteract vibration in tools reducing the vibration, which reaches the operator’s hands.

Decoupled handles separate the vibrating section of the tool from the user, which also features a built-in vibration absorber.

The new cordless breaker includes Hilti’s exclusive AVR technology and reduces the tool’s triaxial vibration and helps keep contractors productive.   


In September 2017, OSHA implemented the Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard, which requires construction companies take certain measures to reduce the exposure levels of respirable silica while performing dust-creating tasks. Dust removal can also help increase the speed of the work and the lifetime of the tools being used, resulting in a more efficient crew.  Some manufacturers, including Hilti, have provided education and product portfolios on this topic, which help ensure contractors are OSHA 1926.1153 Table 1 Compliant. The new TE 500-A36 cordless breaker can be coupled with another new product from Hilti, the VC 75-A22 cordless backpack vacuum system for an OSHA compliant virtually dustless solution that allows users to fully cut the cord. 

The company is standing behind its new cordless breaker with a warranty that can’t be beat—20 years of repair or replacement of defective parts; 2 years no cost repair including wear and tear; and a guaranteed 1-day turn-around on repairs. And, Hilti will also offer the tool on its fleet management program which keeps jobsite teams in productive tools, all the time. The new breaker is on-sale now to VIP early-access customers, and fully available throughout the U.S. and Canada starting January 1, 2020.  


In the ongoing chase for continuous improvement in productivity and safety that contractors face, professional-grade cordless tools can make a significant difference on the jobsite. Hilti’s product development teams continue to answer the call for cordless innovation and the new TE 500-A36 is a welcome gamechanger. Hilti’s outdoor display at World of Concrete is going to be a must-see where professional contractors will be able to get hands-on with a demo in Las Vegas in February.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, December 2019
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