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High Standard of Safety

Modern contractors know the importance of safe equipment and safety on the jobsite. JLG shares this value by continually striving to make its operations and the equipment it manufactures safe, supporting its core belief that everyone deserves to leave work each day in the same condition in which they arrive.
JLG’s emphasis on safety begins at the design engineering phase and transcends through its manufacturing and test facilities, ensuring the highest of safety standards are maintained. While self-governance is critical, the company also adheres to the Aerial Work Platform (AWP) regulations developed and published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These standards are expected to change in 2018 and have been the catalyst of much discussion within the equipment industry in recent months.
JLG anticipates the A92.20 standard changes to be published in Q3 2017. Once published, equipment manufacturers will have one year to incorporate the required changes into their aerial products and training materials. As the access industry leader, JLG was first to market with several product safety enhancements that we anticipate will be incorporated into the new standard.
A92.20 changes are expected to include load sensing for actively monitoring loads, stopping a machine’s normal functionality and sounding an alarm when overloaded; hand-operated controls on the platform must also be protected against sustained involuntary operation, preventing further movement of the machine in the direction of trapping or allowing the operator to reverse or stop the trapping movement; more stringent wind force requirements resulting in outdoor machines with increased weight and reduced capacities; new stability testing requirements, with foam filled or solid tires becoming necessary on most booms and rough terrain scissors; and an increase to scissor rail heights, necessitating fold-down rails on compact models to ensure they fit through standard height doorways.
We are proud that JLG AWPs, or Mobile Elevating Working Platforms (MEWPs) as they will be called under the new standards, currently include: SkyGuard®, JLG’s enhanced control panel protection system, as standard equipment on all booms; foam-filled or solid tires on all MEWPs; and scissors equipped with self-closing gates and toe boards, many with fold down rails.
Our focus on safety, however, does not stop when a machines ships. A strong emphasis on operator training is supported through a full range of training opportunities at our Training Center and Proving Grounds in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, or on location.
In addition to product changes, JLG expects familiarization and training requirements to be updated as part of the new ANSI standard. The Manual of Responsibilities, which currently has multiple versions, may become a single document covering responsibilities for all MEWPs. Training requirements on the machines are expected to expand to cover not only operators, but also occupants. Supervisors will likely be required to obtain training on MEWP selection, applicable rules and regulations, potential product hazards, and knowledge of the operator’s manual.
Safety and safe machine operation must always be a priority. While the new ANSI standards will bring a number of changes to aerial equipment and training, it’s important to keep in mind their intent—improved safety. And, when it comes to safety improvements, everyone wins. Modern contractors often look for partners and machines that share their focus on safety. JLG will continue to design and manufacture machines with innovative technology to drive safety improvements on jobsites where customers operate our equipment. ■
About the Author:
Paul Kreutzwiser is the global category director for aerial work platforms with JLG Industries, Inc. For more information, visit www.jlg.com.
Modern Contractor Solutions, September 2017
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