Custom sideboards from Philippi-Hagenbuch haul more material with each load while minimizing material loss. The sideboards install easily and precisely fit to vertically extend the sides of off-highway haul truck bodies. The company works with each operation to custom engineer the sideboards to achieve the optimal height based on the truck’s rated weight, the material being hauled, and the loading equipment. Sideboards increase the haul truck’s capacity while reducing or even preventing spillage, keeping haul roads clean—reducing downtime to clear the road—and protecting haul truck tires.

“We have decades of experience in providing custom and incredibly durable solutions to optimize hauling operations,” says Josh Swank, Philippi-Hagenbuch vice president of sales and marketing. “Our sideboards are a great solution to help producers enable their trucks to haul their full rated capacity. Sideboards offer the simplest, least-expensive way to add volume to a truck body.”

Sideboards are available in 1-inch increments from 6 inches to 40 inches. In some cases, they may be available in an even larger size, depending on the haul truck, the environment, and the material being hauled. The company also considers the operation’s loading equipment to ensure the final height will not exceed the loader’s capabilities. 

Philippi-Hagenbuch determines the proper size for the sideboards using a calculation based on material density, 2:1 heap capacity, and haul truck body volume. For example, if a haul truck’s tonnage capacity is 71 tons and the volumetric capacity is 52.3 cubic yards at a 2:1 heap, sideboards add .92 cubic yards of volumetric capacity for every inch of height that is added to the truck body.

Designed in an upside down “U” shape, the sideboards fit over the existing body sides and are securely welded to the body. The sideboards are engineered to fit the specific make and model of off-highway haul truck, and the front is “trim to fit” for optimal mating up with the front slope of the body. Operations can utilize the sideboards alone or pair them with the company’s Autogate Tailgates to further increase capacity and prevent material from spilling from the back of the body.

Philippi-Hagenbuch Sideboards are built of Grade 80 steel for trucks ranging from 20 to 150 tons and 450 Brinell on trucks 150-plus tons for excellent durability. They’re also engineered with internal structural gussets to help provide a long service life. Sideboards can be installed at Philippi-Hagenbuch’s factory in Peoria, Illinois, in the field with Philippi-Hagenbuch supervisory assistance, or self-installed by a dealer or customer. 

In addition to their sideboards, tailgates, push blocks, rear eject bodies, and trailers, Philippi-Hagenbuch designs and builds custom high-volume end-dump bodies, lowboy and bottom dump trailers, load ejectors, and water tanks for nearly every make and model of articulated and rigid frame off-highway truck available.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, April 2024
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