The Power Gripz shares its gloves designed for safety

By Donna Campbell

In the aftermath of hurricanes in the past few years and most recently, the workers—linemen—that put the electrical grid back together know the protection of the right gloves. Whether it’s working on the power grid or other critical infrastructure, having reliable PPE matters. It’s about safety.


According to The Power Gripz, safety has always been important and it’s becoming more and more the top focus and concern for people in the construction industry. The Power Gripz was the first to bring end-users options for many different trade jobs, giving those doing the work peace of mind on the jobsite. The original Power Gripz Leather Protector design addresses specific needs that were ignored until The Power Gripz launched. Now, the brand addresses other issues in the industry head on with its entire line of work gloves.


The Power Gripz, originally designed by linemen—for linemen—has expanded to fully service most all industries for hand protection, while delivering quality, durability, and performance. The Power Gripz offers choice and selection for any job. from cut-resistant and standard protectors, including standard cuff, bell cuff, and contour cuff, to low voltage options in both 10-inch and 13-inch lengths. The Power Gripz also features a complete line of work gloves including highly durable all leather, cut resistant, thinsulate cold weather, FWR, and mechanic styles. The Power Gripz uses only the highest quality materials ensuring ultimate protection and maximum comfort.


New offerings in 2019 include The Power Gripz Bare Series, its top-quality high and low voltage leather protectors featuring a natural grip for those that prefer a traditional protector, as well as a driver and climber style work glove.


The Power Gripz, founded in 2012, is dedicated to producing the highest quality gloves in the industry.

The Power Gripz offers a solution for every job. No matter your hand protection needs, the Power Gripz has you covered. For more, visit