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Getting a Grip on Hand Protection

Having the proper hand protection for the demands of the jobsite is an important safety element. Let’s take a closer look at The Power Gripz and its products.

The Power Gripz has made a huge impact in the industry; what is the brand most proud of to date?

The Power Gripz was developed to answer a loud and constant call from end users. Before The Power Gripz launch in 2013, existing leather protectors did not provide the grip needed to accomplish tasks quickly and effectively. Most amazing is that for more than a century the “big names” in the industry never addressed the concerns, listened to the feedback, or understood the end users challenges. For more than 100 years—nothing changed! THE POWER GRIPZ changed all that, bringing innovation and a solution to the industry, and more importantly to the hard-working end users.

What benefit does The Power Gripz offer contractors?

The Power Gripz Team is a resource for its customers. Customer-focused service is always the goal. The brand offers hand protection in a variety of styles and options, so that the entire crew can find the right glove for the job. The Power Gripz is the glove or protector that gives workers peace of mind for a productive and safe day (or night) on the job.

From The Power Gripz High and Low Voltage Leather Protectors, the complete line of all leather, highly durable work gloves to the mechanic style series of work gloves—The Power Gripz has you covered for hand protection.

Are there new offerings from The Power Gripz?

The Power Gripz is launching its GEN 3 series to great fanfare. The Power Gripz team strives to utilize end users valuable feedback to produce tangible enhancements that continue to make the brand the choice of more laborers every day. TPG3 is sure to do that! The Power Gripz is proud to be the first to offer the highest quality cut resistant leather protectors in the industry, as this is now a top-of-mind safety issue. The vision of the company is to always look forward and continue to innovate to the benefit of the end users. Just as The Power Gripz provided the protector innovation in 2013, the cut resistant protector has been received with tremendous enthusiasm.

Also new to launch are the 13-inch climbers, a solid climbing glove that is also a great work glove choice, with a durable gauntlet for forearm protection. This style is offered in Goat Skin, in both an unlined and a Kevlar lined category A4 cut resistant option. The new DRIVER STYLE WORK GLOVES are a sensation. These soft, durable gloves are offered in Goat Skin and are the perfect go-to-selection for almost every job.

The desire to be a solution and a resource for customers is the reason that The Power Gripz engages in relentless efforts to innovate and why the company is diligent about perpetual research and development in order to try to improve and enhance its products.

Closing Thoughts?

The Power Gripz strives to give the end users, as well as safety directors, foremen, and the entire crew increased confidence on the job, enhanced safety, and maximum protection. There is a Power Gripz Protector or Work Glove that is a perfect fit for most every individual preference. The goal is to keep those that are working hard, safe and satisfied. The Power Gripz offers a solution for every job. No matter what your hand protection needs, The Power Gripz has you covered.

For more information:

For more information about the products offered by The Power Gripz, call the team at 216.285.9030, or visit www.thepowergripz.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions, May 2018
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