The Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve is the original engine oil drain valve. More than 40 years ago, founder Mr. Yamamoto invented the Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve, forever changing the messy task of changing oil into a “simply effortless” one with a simple flip of a lever. Since 1976, over 13 million valves have been sold worldwide to fleets, OEMs, DIY mechanics, auto shops, and more.

Fumoto USA is the proud primary importer and distributor of Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valves in the United States. Named after its majority shareholder and inventor of the Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve in Japan (Fumoto Giken Co., Ltd. –, Fumoto USA is a closely held corporation with the majority of its shareholders being the inventor and ISO-certified manufacturer of the Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve. This close relationship allows Fumoto USA to quickly respond to customer requests for new products and designs. Fumoto USA strives to be unmatched in quality, reputation, and service. 

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