Substrate Technology Inc. (STI) was started in 1995 by Bill Jones. The company began by making machinery and tools for the removal of coatings and adhesives from the surface of concrete floors. The purpose being to prepare the floor surface in advance of newly installed materials. Today, under the leadership of its president Josh Jones, the company has grown and diversified its offering to meet today’s market.
How’s business for Substrate Technology? Is it indicative of the construction industry overall?
JONES: Our business has grown an average of 20 percent since 2009. It seems that we will be on track to maintain that average this year. In the construction industry, as a whole, it is hard to say definitively if the industry is enjoying the same growth, as we do not communicate much with the competition or other trades. We deal more in the distribution of our products. In that, we don’t know the customer who is the end-user. Offering restoration equipment allows use of our products on new construction projects, as well as projects defined as restoration projects of existing structures; otherwise termed as planned “maintenance” or building upgrades.
What has influenced Substrate Technology and the product it offers?
JONES: Customer demands based on market design choices trending toward polished concrete and other green technologies for maintenance. Polished concrete has definitely played a huge part in our growth over the past few years, but also the need for more “green” products and systems for maintaining existing flooring products like terrazzo and natural stone. This need has influenced our decision to broaden the product we offer outside of concrete preparation and polishing only.
How have the advances of technology impacted the construction industry?
JONES: In our field, technology has allowed us to deliver better equipment than we did just a few years ago at a lower input cost and at a lower selling price. Efficiencies through technology make it possible to meet a market demand for a product at a given quality and supported price. At the same time as meeting a demand for quality and price, we are also providing products that help achieve desired results in the fastest possible time.
How does Substrate Technology add benefit to the contractor?
JONES: Training of the proper and safe usage of our products is the key to consistent and successful results from our products. This is one of the most common compliments we receive from customers. The fact that we are so adamant about after-sale training and continuing education for our products is why we have a very good reputation and our name is considered a quality brand. This dedication to service and support is more costly than only making a sale and moving on to the next transaction—every successful company looks at a customer as a partner in their business dealings through which both are mutually benefited.
What is your forward outlook for the construction industry? For Substrate Technology?
JONES: No one can predict the future or even get close since there are so many factors that influence the flow of money to finance construction projects or initiatives. We feel that even in a downturn our business is somewhat insulated because, even in a recession, buildings still need to be maintained and also undergo minor restorations. Given that we offer large equipment for major projects and also products for light restoration and maintenance, we will see up’s and down’s for sure, but prudent operation and consistent customer service will make us successful for years to come. Having a product mixture that is as diverse as ours can sometimes be difficult to manage, but this diversity gives us protection. This protection would not be possible if we only focused on one facet of our business and were forced to ride the trends as they were dictated to us by the market.
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Substrate Technology Inc. (STI) has a total of 15 employees, has dealers of its products on five continents, and services the following industries: concrete grinding and polishing, terrazzo installation and restoration, marble restoration and polishing, granite restoration and polishing, and polished floor maintenance of all varieties. For more information, visit
Modern Contractor Solutions, July 2013
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