Felling Trailers, Inc. adds Larson Cable Trailers to its product offering with the, LCT-7500, LCT-5620, and LCT-5700. A division of Felling Trailers, acquired in May 2021, Larson Cable Trailers, Inc. is a known leader in fiber-optic cable-handling trailer products. Effective August 1, 2023, the Felling Trailers sales team is now offering the LCT models as part of their expansive product line. “We feel this move will allow us to provide enhanced regional dealer support, providing training, and product support,” says Nathan Uphus, Felling Trailers sales manager. With the two companies working together with seven regional sales managers, we can now provide sales and product support nationwide. This will, in turn, allow more time for Larson’s Tech Training Specialists, Rick Larson and Mike Young, to focus on end-user support. For more, visit www.felling.com.