elling Trailers, Inc. has focused on manufacturing trailers for the underground drill and trencher industry for a long time. A dealer/customer informed a Felling Trailers’ salesperson that a new model drill was going to be released that was heavier and wider than current models. The dealer/customer asked that Felling design a trailer to transport the new drill and its required mud mix system. The current Felling models were limited by the tire capacities available for a two-axle configuration. Felling’s engineering and sales teams went to work to design a three-axle model with the deck between the fenders to obtain the lowest deck height possible, yet be available in either electric brakes or air brakes depending on the end user’s needs. In this design, they also incorporated some of the options that many utility customers require as standard, items such as an extended hitch configuration that includes about 30 inches of minimal tongue width back as far as the jack to allow a tighter turning radius. This hitch configuration allows a heavy-duty spring foot jack to be mounted on the outside of the hitch for easy jack operation without reaching inside of the hitch to operate. The elevated water tank stands were designed with increased strength and narrower to allow the tank to mount a little farther over the fender, accommodating the wider drill yet keep the tank as low as possible. See this and other models that have been crafted for the utility industry at Felling’s ICUEE Booth L175. For more, visit www.felling.com