Expand Your Opportunities With Express Blower® Equipment

For 25 years, Express Blower, Inc. has been leading the pneumatic blower truck market through technological innovation, state-of-the-art systems, and practical experience, resulting in a greater number of large-size pneumatic blower machines working in the field today than any other manufacturer. The mantra, “We are selling a business, not just a piece of equipment,” is ingrained in Express Blower’s culture and is reflected in the equipment and customer service provided to its customers.


What began as a true bark or mulch blower has given way to a variety of Express Blower machines, some of which are powerful enough to productively blow aggregates as large as 1.5-inch round rock more than 1,850 feet and compost and soil blends more than 2,000 feet.* When including the available power packages, EB now offers 8 models, plus 2 more through Express Mulcher, an EB product line that features the walking floor and hose reel for companies interested in a more economical machine strictly for mulches and wood chips applications.


Innovation has been the foundation of Express Blower. The Supplemental Injection system, the basis for the Terraseeding® application, was patented in 2000 and was the design that quickly gave customers the most profit potential. Descriptively called “seeding with soil,” Terraseeding is a calibrated system to inject grass or wildflower seeds into the blow stream of compost, soil blends, or mulches. The calibration provides an even distribution of seed with the added benefit that blowing in with the organic material increases and quickens seed germination. The process also eliminates many burdensome steps such as wheelbarrowing soil, leveling and raking, seeding by hand, fertilizing and topdressing over the seed. As a bonus, the blown on application is swiftly completed in relation to other methods and leaves little to no damage to existing landscapes and results in a smooth, professional appearance.


Express Blower machines quickly and with little labor install compost erosion control blankets or sediment control berms, each delivering 100 percent ground contact for greater success at controlling runoff and stabilizing slopes—not only providing another revenue stream but also extending the blowing season into the fall and winter months. Terraseed the blanket or berm for a permanent erosion control solution.

With the rising popularity of green roofs, Express Blower again saw an opening to create more demand for its equipment and increase business opportunities for its customers by developing machines with the ability to blow materials “sky high.” While all EB machine models can go vertical for green roof installations, certain models have blown rooftop soil mixes more than 30 stories high, eliminating the need for cranes, wheelbarrows, and manlifts, while decreasing the amount of labor needed for installation.


Express Blower claims the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable people in both sales and aftermarket product support and takes great pride in its superior customer service. Personalized onsite training with purchase, exclusive EB owner’s educational conference, expert technical support, extensive parts inventory to maximize uptime and productivity, plus exceptional warranty coverage are just a few of the reasons that EB continues to grow and expand its customer base.

Whether it is for erosion control, green roofs, landscaping, construction, playgrounds, aggregates or Terraseeding, EB equipment reduces labor requirements, saves job time, expands capabilities, and provides great profit potential. When you work with Express Blower, you are working with the people who know blower trucks and their markets best.

*Performance may vary depending on type and quality of material used, operator proficiency, and jobsite setup, requirements and specifications.

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