Express Blower machines are the ultimate in pneumatic blowing systems, providing fast and precise blown on application of large quantities of aggregates, soil blends, compost, and mulches to distant or challenging areas. The new Express Blower TR-HD model was designed to accommodate Tier 4 Final EPA requirements and to also include a trailer for ease of transport. Its relatively small footprint makes it easy to maneuver in congested areas, ready for continuous onsite loading. The compact TR-HD has all the power of the Express Blower full-size TM-45HD and TM-70HD models, so you can blow aggregates and rooftop soil mixes vertically 20 stories or more depending upon product and project. This makes it the perfect machine for urban green roofs or any project where there are onsite loading capabilities. Not only will the TR-HD and other Express Blower models add value to your business, but their versatility and productivity open markets and applications you may never have imagined–erosion control blankets and berms, green roofs, aggregate placement, playgrounds, landscaping–all while saving you time and labor. 

With more than 65 years practical experience and 25 years of manufacturing and selling exceptional equipment, you know that when you work with Express Blower, Inc., you are working with the people who know blower trucks and their markets best. 

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