Dave George is president and chief technologist for PRYME, a foremost manufacturer of specialized mobile communication accessories for professionals in every industry sector. Pryme designs, engineers, and builds premium quality audio accessories to support virtually every PoC application or two-way radio model, and is known for developing customized products to meet almost any end-user need. Dave George is an RF engineer with more than 40 years in systems manufacturing and wireless integration and was one of the earliest developers of disruptive push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) technologies.

El Mehdi Sodki is director of sales, North America for Streamwide, the global developer of Team on Mission (Mission-Critical) and Team on the Run (Business Critical) software solutions, which are designed to meet the growing need for digital transformation and real-time coordination in demanding environments. The communication solutions enable numerous functionalities on smartphones or PCs such as push-to-talk, VoIP, multimedia group discussions, geolocation, and automation of business processes. El Mehdi Sodki specializes in carrier-grade NextGen VAS solutions in the areas of Enterprise mobile IP messaging, voice messaging, virtual numbers and telephony for social networks, convergent charging, conferencing, call center services, ringback tones, and IVR.

Dave George
El Mehdi Sodki

Let’s a deep dive into a few questions about communications in the building sector.

How have PoC applications changed communications in the building sector?

El Mehdi Sodki: The construction industry has been shifting away from land mobile radio (LMR) to push-to-talk over cellular (PoC), as well as from satellite to cellular over LTE and 5G for many reasons. Not only does it allow more internetworking, but one device can do more because it has more functionality, and teams can be connected no matter where they are.

How do Streamwide’s communication applications differ from others on the market?

El Mehdi Sodki: STREAMWIDE’s advantage is value-added functionality. In fact, Team on the run is referred to as a “Swiss army knife” that allows you to choose what you need and then price it accordingly. STREAMWIDE doesn’t just sell a product. We focus on providing a solution.

How do Pryme’s wireless PTT accessories differ from others on the market?

Dave George: PRYME designs, builds, and manufactures everything we sell and is one of the few manufacturers who makes specialized POC accessories for construction professionals.

Our engineering department can develop custom solutions to fill specific communications needs. For example, we created a PTT button embedded in a foot pedal switch so truck drivers can communicate without taking their hands off the wheel.

Because great products aren’t good enough, PRYME is continually upgrading & innovating, while upholding the highest quality control standards for rugged durability in demanding environments like construction.

How do Pryme’s wireless PTT accessories elevate the user experience of Streamwide’s applications?

El Mehdi Sodki: PRYME’s accessories make it easier and faster to use STREAMWIDE’s application. Just the push of a button provides immediate access to PTT communications as well as emergency alerts for lone worker protection. Additionally, in loud work environments like construction, PRYME’s headsets or other PoC accessories help improve the user experience when communicating via Team on the run’s push-to-talk application.

Dave George: In essence, PRYME makes enabling hardware for software applications. Case in point—Our wireless PTT buttons enable hands-free communication, which not only keeps drivers from being distracted but allows freedom of movement when operating machinery. And all PRYME’S PoC accessories save critical time with faster access to the application.

What are the primary benefits construction businesses receive from using Pryme’s wireless PTT accessories with Streamwide apps?

Dave George: This combination of the two technologies is ideal for high-noise environments like construction sites. Many workers wear PRYME wireless earmuffs or use a loud wireless speaker microphone to amplify communications through the STREAMWIDE application. They also like the fact that PRYME’s wireless PTT buttons don’t require charging and last 2 years or more on a single coin cell battery. Plus, PRYME PoC accessories are so economical, companies are able to outfit every member of the team.

Where do you think the future of communications is headed and what changes do you foresee?

Dave George: The entire face of team communications has changed, escalating the need for alternate ways to communicate with the growing mobile workforce. Mobile team communications apps are fast becoming the go-to solution across the spectrum, from small businesses to major enterprises, and spanning every industry. Traditional private radio and LMR networks often require significant up-front capital. The spike in mobile workforces is driving explosive growth in PoC for wide-area communications partially due to the low operational costs for startup and subscription-based services.

El Mehdi Sodki: PoC provides the same capabilities as traditional two-way radio systems and enables instant group calls to multiple users. Because PoC leverages existing LTE cellular and ubiquitous Wi-Fi networks, systems can be deployed more quickly with no infrastructure required. Enterprise models of ruggedized smartphones now have programmable buttons that support PTT communication and integrate with walkie-talkie apps.


Going forward, construction businesses want to raise communications to a higher level, while also reducing expenses. This has created the demand for simpler, more cost-effective solutions that are also dependable and backed by strong support to ensure operations run smoothly and teamwork is optimized.

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Headquartered in Brea, California, PRYME is a foremost manufacturer of specialized mobile communication accessories for professionals in every industry sector. For more, visit www.pryme.com. A major player for 20 years in the critical communications market, STREAMWIDE has successfully developed its Team on Mission (mission critical) and Team on the Run (business critical) software solutions for administrations and businesses. For more, visit www.streamwide.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions, December 2022
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